The difference in inches

It is amazing the difference a few inches can make!

When I started insulin pump therapy back in January of 2004, I used the Quick-set infusion set with the 23 inch tubing. I am only a little over five feet tall, so I didn’t think there was any need for longer tubing than that.
For the first few years, I chose infusion sites on my stomach and sides (some would say love handles). That left me with loops and loops of extra tubing. Right around the time that I upgraded to my current pump, I started to have a lot of trouble with kinked infusion sites. REALLY kinked infusion sites!
November 3, 2007 - diabetes365 - day 26
From spending time around the Diabetes Daily message boards, I knew that there was a growing number of people using the Sure-T infusion set and most had nothing but good things to say about it. As I was talking to the MiniMed rep to start the process of my upgrade I asked him what he thought about the different infusion sets. As luck would have it, he was actually a pumper himself and using the Sure-T. He recommended I try it out, and had the same good things to say about it as the other users – more reliable delivery, can’t kink, easily movable if you don’t like the placement.
Almost immediately, I loved using the Sure-T. I love being able to trust the reliability of the infusion. I love the secondary connection site so that when I get caught on doorknobs I don’t rip the site out. Pulling on a sticker on top of the skin is nothing like pulling on a steel needle under the skin.
Knowing I could trust the infusion, I got a little more creative with my sites when I started using the Sure-T. I added the back of my arm to my commonly used sites. The only problem was that the 23 inch tubing was just barely long enough to reach the waistband of my pants. And when I say just barely, I mean just barely! Stretching or reaching for something in the cupboard would stretch and pull on the tubing and don’t get my started on trips to the bathroom! I began to wish for longer tubing!
A few months ago now, I got a notice from MiniMed that they were offering more tubing lengths to the Sure-T infusion set. I was so excited to place my first new order.
infusion site comparison
The Sure-T infusion set I am using now has 32 inch tubing and I am loving the difference 9 inches makes!
tubing length differencetubing length difference

Ok, so while I was looking up links for this post, I ran across the mio infusion set. Has anyone tried it yet?


  • I am still on quick sets, but I buy 1 box to every 3 boxes that are longer. It helps for arm sites for me. The other 3, regular sizes, are great for my stomach and lower back. I like having the choice. 🙂

  • Sounds like the sets are pretty comfortable for you – which is great. I think a lot of us (I know I do) worry about that needle and if it would be bothersome.

    I can’t imagine how you went to the bathroom before when wearing an arm site!

  • I’m short too,but after yanking out countless sets I went to the longer tubing option. 32″ inches sounds just perfect though..the longer tubing tends to get tied up in everything. Great to have that option.

  • 32″ still isn’t long enough, so I’m afraid I’m still stuck taking the 43″ tubing from the Sils and putting them on the Sure-Ts.

  • I’m so glad that there are now 32 inch versions as well. I love the Sure-T, but love lots of tubing too. The shorter tubing kept putting me off using them all the time. I’m intrigued though because the Easy-set has finally been renamed as Sue-T in the UK (it was always the same thing) but they claim it’s “New – Improved”. Noticed anything new?

    I really want to try the Mio as it looks a bit like the Inset, which I loved when I was using Animas. It’s not showing up on the UK online order page, but then neither are the new No Tubing Silhouette packs that are definitely available, so perhaps I’ll give them a call.

  • Caro –

    Other than the tubing length, I haven’t noticed anything else ‘new and improved’, except that maybe the tabs on the stickers on the site face towards the tubing instead of the other direction. However, I could be making it up that they ever faced any other way! 🙂

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