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I have a confession to make. I had not been to the endocrinologist in *cough*months. I actually don’t know how long it had been. I loved my old endocrinologist but she never came back from her maternity leave and I just could not connect with her replacement.

Perhaps it was the fact that he entered my room the first time citing the ACCORD study before even opening my file. I was used to a relationship with my doctor where we could have a conversation about what I was reading or we could work together to try out new medications or technologies. After my last appointment with the frustrating endocrinologist, I called the office (it is an endocrine practice with a few doctors) and requested to switch. The nurse asked me why, and I am not sure if she was satisfied with my answer, but she said she would put my file with the booking nurse and she would call me to schedule my appointment. I never heard from them again. During office visits, you could routinely see a pile of files at least two feet high (no exaggeration) behind the front desk, so I honestly wasn’t surprised.
My work is a treasure trove of endocrine and autoimmune disorders, so I asked around for some recommendations for a new doctor. The Cleveland Clinic has recently opened a Florida Health and Wellness Center in my area and I was able to make an appointment with just a few days notice. The Clinic is in a high-rise building that has a bunch of other types of offices in it as well. When you walk into the lobby, you have to check in with the security for the building. Once you have been checked into the building, you are directed to a special elevator used only for the Clinic. When you reach the 14th floor, you then check in for your actual appointment. It was all very official and impressive!
Having been used to stacks of patient files and a disorganized office, it was nice to just seen a clean professional looking lobby and waiting area. I had asked when I scheduled my appointment if I needed to arrive early to fill out any paperwork and they assured me I didn’t because they maintain electronic patient files that the doctor and I would complete during my appointment. Impressed again!
After a few minutes with one of the nurses, the doctor came in and introduced herself. Here is the most impressive part of the whole appointment – my appointment started at 2:45 and I did not leave the offices until just a little before 4:00, and that was with no waiting time!
Here are some highlights:
  • We started with my ridiculous diagnosis story. She was surprised that no one has ever tested me for antibodies (The reason has always been that it wouldn’t change my treatment). She asked if I was interested in knowing and explained that while it won’t change my treatment, it would be good to know my autoimmune status for the sake of my family and possible future family planning. I am very interested in the results, but unfortunately the lab was booked for a few weeks so I will have to stay in suspense on that one.
  • I asked her just about every question I could think of to make sure we would be a good fit – pump preference, CGMS preference, insulin brands, statins and ACE/ARBs – you name it, we talked about it. It seems like she is going to be a good match for me.
  • We scheduled an appointment for an iPro to begin the process of trying to get a CGMS approved through my insurance again. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida is notoriously tough on their approvals, but it will help to now have a good doctor in my corner.
  • My A1c was 7.0, which was up from my last one from months and months ago but admittedly not awful. She said she knows that I know what I’m doing and trusts me to get it down by my next appointment in 3 months.
Considering my job is transitioning and I am moving out of my apartment in the next six weeks or so, it is going to be an interesting summer!


  • Sounds like a great match 🙂

    I have never been tested for antibodies for my (hypo)thyroid, the assumption always being most cases are Hashimoto’s anyways. To have someone ask if I want to know, that would be great as I’m still curious.

  • I’ve never been tested for antibodies either. I have always used Cleveland Clinic physicians. They are all electronic records now, which is nice. You can leave your appointment with a printout of everything that was done. Sounds like you have a fantastic new doctor. It makes a big difference.

  • It is hard to find a good doctor, and one that you trust. I have changed three times. I do belive now that I have found a great doctor with a great team, a C-NP that truly cares. I am from the land of the original Cleveland Clinic

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