Do not speak unless you can improve the silence

Please excuse the super-lateness of today’s post. I had some other priorities I had to take care of last night and didn’t get to blog writing.

One of my favorite people left today to serve in India and will not be back until the end of the month. I wanted her to have some encouragement from home while she is gone, so some friends and I wrote her a note for each day she will be gone. It took longer than expected to write 19 notes, and by 2 am I was too tired to write a blog. 🙂
Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is about our biggest supporters. This is an interesting one for me to write. As I browsed the headlines of everyone else’s entries, it seems like most people wrote about their parents or their significant other.
Well, I had already moved out of my house when I was diagnosed, so while I know that my parents care about my diabetes, they haven’t really been involved in the day-to-day aspects of it.
A few things I remember about the early days with diabetes and my parents. First, my parents are divorced and I remember them ‘fighting’ in my hospital room when I was recovering from my diagnosis DKA about who cared more about me getting well and providing for that. I was on my dad’s insurance, but had a more consistent relationship with my mom. It was mildly entertaining to watch from the hospital bed. Second, when I moved back in with my mom during graduate school she did clear off a shelf in the pantry for my diabetes supplies. A small but very appreciated gesture.
As for the significant other, I am still looking so if you know of anyone, be sure to send them my way!
All that to say, I think that my biggest diabetes supporter(s) are my friends who are truly my silent supporters. ‘Silent supporters’ are those people who know enough about diabetes that they could say something about my food, exercise, or other life choices but trust me enough to allow me to make my own mistakes decisions.
Silent supporters also know how to quietly be ‘there’ when I need them. They have paid attention to my diabetes and know when to step in and advocate for me without me having to say anything. For example, thinking ahead about food stops on road trips so it isn’t always ‘my fault’ we have to stop, or picking the restaurants where they know there are a lot of different options of food so I can make the best food decisions for that meal. Sometimes ‘silent supporters’ are not all that silent, but sometimes I need that too!


  • Ditto what Rachel said Sara – that is totally you without even trying! You are a very special friend out there (very generous with your time and energy, but not one to waste either on bullshit – an important quality!).

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