Repeating “The First Step”

So today’s the day for exercise on the blog for Diabetes Blog Week. I had great intentions for my post.  I was going to do a vlog where I showed a little workout with my Wii. I was also going to talk about my confusion with people disconnecting their pumps for exercise because all you miss is your basal insulin which wouldn’t affect you until 3 hours later
Ellen kept me too late at my first diabetes support group meeting last night, so I had no time to do anything but find an old post I wrote about my difficulty in finding a good time to exercise. When I wrote it last August, I thought I found a solution for my lack of exercise, but of course I didn’t stick with it.
The first step…

… and second, and third, and fourth


DD Challenge August 4th


You get the idea!

To be totally honest with all of you, one of the biggest barriers to my exercise routine is my love for good TV! It is hard to exercise when you can’t don’t want to move away from the screen. I live in a very small apartment (in a great location) so a treadmill or elliptical machine in here is not going to happen.

However, last night I discovered a new feature in my WiiFit. There is a program called “free step”, where I can set up the amount of time in advance and then change the channel. Instead of watching Mii, I can watch normal TV. The Wii remote acts as a metronome to help me keep in step. I stepped up and down, and up and down, and up and… well, down while watching Saving Grace. 20 minutes felt like no time at all when I wasn’t staring at the clock.

That in addition to some other aerobics, balance, and strength training exercises, and it made for a decent workout.

DD Challenge - August 4th

And in the end, I even have people cheering me on (see the girl to the left of the clock?)!


Honestly, my problem is that I feel like I don’t need to exercise. I don’t need to do it for weight loss. My A1c, cholesterol, and all other blood work is good. I can manage my blood glucose levels well without exercising. It’s hard for me to do something when I don’t see an immediate result.

So how do you get and stay motivated to exercise?


  • I don’t know, but if you find it, could you bottle it, and send some my way? I have zero motivation for exercise, even though I get immediate results – my BG ALWAYS goes down when I exercise. That’s probably why I avoid it, cause I hate sudden drops.

  • I get the same results when I exercise my BG goes down to 85-95 mg/dl. I feel great. So why do you dislike having a lower BG level? I am new to diabetes. My goal is to be in the range of 80 to 120. Sometimes I go to 140. So Jon & George are you on insulin? Is that why you dislike going lower?

  • Lawson, my reasoning is that I don’t usually exercise, and have decent control (A1c 6.8 ish) so when I do exercise, my BG goes down to the 40’s sometimes. I’m type 1, so I am on insulin

  • Thanks for this post! I never realized I could do this. I have done it now a few times, and it helps…every little bit helps, right?

    For me the only thing I have found that helps me with those dreaded lows? Dropping my basel to 85% of normal for three hours (preferably an hour before I start) and I normall disconnect while working out…this in the only thing that has been HELPING with those lows…I hate them too! They are a big reason I often don’t work out.

  • I was wondering about your comments on your statement that when disconnecting your pump for exercise, all you will miss is your basal insulin which wouldn’t affect you until 3 hours later. Yes you would be missing the basal but I do not agree about the 3 hour time frame. It’s more like 1/2 hour at most. If the 3 hour was the case what would be the point of a temp basil setting in the pump? When I go outside to do yard work I set my temp basil setting to 1/2 of what my normal basil setting is and I am fine while doing the work and my bs is normal 3 hours later as well. When I do not set the temp Basel I do get low blood sugars.

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