A few days ago, someone commented on an old postof mine. It is actually a topic that I get some of my most frequent search results for, so I thought I would drag it back out of the archives for an update.

Growing up in Southern California, I LIVED in the water. Beach, pool, water parks, I loved all of it. My blond hair was perpetually green from all the chlorine. Since I wasn’t diagnosed with diabetes until late in college, it never really played a part in my summer plans.
For my first job out of graduate school I moved across the country and about a mile away from the ocean. Only now, I was pumping and finding it difficult to manage water, sand, insulin, and delicate machinery at the same time. I abandoned water parks because it was just too difficult, and would try to disconnect and hide my pump in my bag when I was in the water at the beach or the pool and keep it out of direct sunlight while tanning. Blood glucose management on those days was less than optimal.
One day I was lurking on the message boards here at Diabetes Daily and came upon a thread discussing waterproof options for the insulin pump. MiniMed had an old case available for their older generation of pumps, but word was that it fit the Paradigm series as well so I placed an order. Unfortunately, it was backordered and did not arrive in time for that summer’s adventures.
Another suggestion was a device from a company called Aquapac. They have a waterproof pack that fits the Paradigm series of pumps perfectly. I would imagine it fits the others too; I just have never tried.
Here is the direct link to the case. There is a link on that page to the first time I wrote about the case on my blog, but Aquapac has not asked me to write about them, nor did I get any products from them for free. I have no relationship with the company other than they fact that I believe they make a great product!
If you want a close up view of how the case works, check out this old post. If you want to see it in action though, I think these pictures will convince you (and they have certainly convinced me that I have no business on a diving board!)!



  • Sara, I’m with you – I LOVE the Aquapac. I bought for my Dexcom receiver and have used it to hold the receiver safe and dry while swim training for a triathlon. Forty minutes in the water and it works just fine. The receiver reception isn’t always there, probably because the Aquapac bobs around while I’m swimming. But it’s dry and still working. Really nice product.

  • this is soo funny that you posted this today! Because guess what arrived in the mail for me today?? My aquapac! And it’s because of you that I bought one! Thanks to your other post! I find it difficult to get the dang thing in there..i almost wanted to put vaseline on it or something! Lol

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