I told you so AND a fun new project

I had my quarterly endocrinologist appointment this morning. You know when you have those mornings when nothing goes right, this wasn’t one of them! 🙂

First of all, this is the entrance to the building where my doctor is located. It’s pretty ridiculous! You have to check in before you can even get on the elevator.
Front Lobby 8-24-10


I arrived at the office with five minutes to spare. I checked in, snapped a picture for George (more on that later), and was called back to my room.
The one downside of the whole morning was that the CDE (side note: the practice uses a CDE instead of a nurse to do all the info gathering before the endo comes in) used one of those one-size-does not fitfits-all lancets to get blood for my A1c test. I wasn’t really paying attention, and she got me right in the middle of my index finger. Ouch!
one size doesn't fit all
During my appointment we talked about a few things I had on my list (that I’m going to save for a later post so I can get to the fun new project). I made sure I got my full 30 minutes worth!
At my last quarterly appointment, my A1c was higher than it had been in YEARS! Not the way I wanted to start my relationship with this new doctor. I was admittedly pretty worried about my results today. I basically wanted to prove that I know what I am doing (most of the time).
That is why I am embarrassed to admit that when the endo came back in with my A1c result, I may have exclaimed before I knew what I was saying, “I told you so.”
To top it all off, the doctor’s office is attached to a parking garage where you get your first hour of parking free. I pulled in at 8:50. When I handed my ticket to the attendant at 9:50, I started laughing. I told her why and she starting laughing too and we wished each other a good day!
Now, on to the project.
After I checked in this morning I headed into the reception area to wait for my name to be called. That immediately reminded me of Ninjabetic George and his waiting room chronicles on Twitter. Every time he has gone to the doctor recently, he has posted a picture of the chairs in the waiting room. I quickly sent him a picture message of my very own South Florida waiting room.
This apparently inspired a brilliant idea in the mind of the ninja. He suggested that for the next year we all try to take our picture in the waiting rooms of our diabetic appointments.
The Flickr group is called Waiting With Diabetes. Here’s a description of the group

As diabetics we spend a lot of time at the doctors. For the next year, let’s all take a picture of our waiting rooms every time we have a diabetes related appointment.So take a picture (at your own risk), post the date, and whatever else you want to share about the picture and let’s see just how much time is spent Waiting With Diabetes.

The direct link to the group is http://www.flickr.com/groups/waitingwithdiabetes. After you join the group, you can upload pictures from all your diabetes appointments this year. In the infamous words of you know who, we’re all in this together!

Endo Appt 8-24-10


  • Rachel –

    It is bordering on ridiculous how sleek everything is! What you can’t see off to the right hand side in the top picture is an entire water wall. I would hate to be the security guard for that – I’d be peeing all day long!

  • Thank God for camera phones. This is a good idea…my pictures will not be pretty, as my appointments are never in pretty places. I can’t believe I’m getting excited about my next visit…lol

  • Hi Sara

    I have been following your posts with great enthusiasm. The waiting room project will be one I will be keenly following.

    I have just completed a six month period in which I only had a total of 5 weeks without a D related doctors appointment.

    This project will bring a new inner smile at my next few “engagements”

    Keep up the great work

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