I expect

  • you to recognize that you are not the only company selling a similar product and as a result make your best effort to impress me with your service.
  • to receive some form of contact from your company within four days of submitting my COMPLETED paperwork.
  • to have my calls answered or returned in a timely manner.
  • to have my e-mails replied to in a timely manner because the phone calls were not working.
  • to actually not have to call you in the first place (see #1) because you will go out of your way to make sure I am a satisfied customer and call me with updates during the purchasing process.
  • to not have to question whether or not you are lying to me when you tell me not only did you not get my e-mail (that I know I sent) but that you also did not get the information you “requested” from my very reliable doctor’s office.
  • to not be “surprised” by the fact that when I call my doctor’s office they have no record of any such “request”.
  • to not have to resort to contacting other people in your organization (read: “higher ups”) to get the service I deserve.
  • that when I do e-mail this other contact at 10 minutes before midnight that I will not receive a reply until well into the next day. I was pleasantly surprised when I receive a reply within two hours (different time zone – but still!).
  • that this communication will actually result in action and will not just be an attempt to appease me and allow you to continue to drag your feet.
  • that you will stop blaming the doctor I love for every delay in this process.
  • you to understand that it has been 3 1/2 since I first tried to obtain your product and I have waited long enough.


  • I was contacted by a sales rep from Dexcom and could call this individual anytime. I had the opposite problem of being approved within 3 days but could not afford it!

  • Personaly, I had a great experience with their customer service.

    My endo also said they received no requests from Dexcom, while Dexcom said they requested the info. Turned out that Dexcom was right. There are five people working in my doctor’s office, and while one of them received the request (and hadn’t acted upon it) the others weren’t aware of such a request.

  • Bad customer services is Bad company PR! That was one of the things I took into account when choosing which pump company to go with. I made calls to all of the customer care numbers and asked the same questions and scored them on how they handled my call and questions.

    Let them know that they caused you stress and that this was unnecassary and ask what they are going to do to make it up to you. Seriously, they need to do something to make up for very poor care from a company that is involved with people who care grately for there customers.

  • For the most part, I have only had really good experiences with Dexcom’s customer service – I hope that this was just a glitch and you will only have good experiences also going forward.

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