Not the police

(This post was much longer before the computer ate it. Now I don’t want to type out the whole story again, so you get the shortened version.)

I was having dinner with some friends last week while I was waiting for DexCom to finish approving my request. We were eating in a cafeteria so I jokingly mentioned how I was bolusing for food that I was going to gather later. That turned into the typical discussion of what would happen if bolused for food I didn’t eat or the opposite – if I ate food that I did not bolus for. You know that this is the type of conversation that usually brings out the diabetes police – they never showed.
Towards the end of the conversation, one of the leaders from my trip to Haiti returned to the table. She was actually the one that was helping me (encouraging me forcing me to take a break) during the most difficult diabetes management day in Haiti. I had started to talk about what a CGMS does and how it would help in more difficult eating scenarios, and so she caught the tail end of the explanation. Her response was the opposite of what you would expect from the potential diabetes police. Her immediate response –

Thank goodness. That will be so great for you.

I love being a part of the community of other diabetics that support each other on a daily hourly basis, and I am so thankful and blessed that I have a great community of non-diabetics in my life that are so supportive as well.
The DexCom finally arrived today.
DexCom 7+


I started it up the first moment possible. I am loving it already! It has been accurate from the first calibration and I can’t stop looking at the graph. I am so thankful that it looks like my insurance has finally covered it (it is still pending) and that I am in a place where I could financially cover the difference. This is going to be such a positive change in my life with diabetes.
my first graph


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