I am sure anyone with a continuous glucose monitoring system saw this post coming from a mile away. I am finding myself completely obsessed with checking my DexCom to see what is going on.

Since it is a new “toy” I spent the first few days that I had it explaining what it does to all my non-diabetic friends. After I explained it to one friend, she noticed that I kept pressing the button to see my current status during our conversation – like 5 times in 15 minutes. She actually tried to move it across the room so I couldn’t look but I told her it had to stay within a 5 feet so it could continue to record. That’s tricky – keeping it nearby but not looking!
We continued the conversation later when she asked how I was doing. My numbers were a little higher at the time, so I responded that really there is “nothing like looking at a bad number to make you feel bad about yourself”. Really, it’s like being on a scale all the time. Can you imagine trying to lose a few pounds while living on a scale? Is there a such thing as too much information?
My friend asked me if I regretted working so hard to get the DexCom.
That answer is definitely no.
I know I need the information, it is just about finding a healthy way to use it. Just like there is nothing wrong with knowing and caring about how much you weigh. It’s all a matter of what you do with that information.
24 hour graph

P.S. While I am obsessed with my DexCom, my mom is obsessed with our Team Ninjabetic walk. Her goal seems to be to raise more money than me and right now she is winning. Seriously – she can’t seem to post the link to her fundraising page on Facebook without my help but somehow she has double the amount of money! Ninja fundraising skills – who knew?! My page is here and hers is here if you want to keep an eye on the competition.


  • It is so easy to become obsessed. Whenever we take a mini DexCom break, there’s a sense of relief. But too many days pass and a sense of anxiety of not knowing what’s going on returns. I can’t win!

    So nice to hear about the walk and your mom’s obsession – that’s a great one!

  • I knew you would be blogging about this soon. It’s easy to do. It’s a cool device! I’m glad you’re getting along well with it.

    I’m sorry about your mom beating you in donations lol

  • I’ve been there and lived that. 🙂 It gets better. I find now that I don’t punch the button for an hour or more. And I’ve stopped waking up during the night to check what was going on. Yes, it’s an obsession but if you’re going to have a point of OCD, this is the one to have.

    I just had to place an order for my next set of sensors. My insurance changed and it required a couple of more hoops. I was on my last sensor and I was in a panic! I would have been very out of sorts if I would have had to wait a week or so. Luckily, it all worked out and I didn’t have to go Dexless.

    ROCK ON!

  • so happy that you were able to get the dexcom (i can’t wait to get mine, if i ever fax in the paperwork lol) i think a lot of people end up getting slightly obsessed! i hope you find a happy medium, can’t wait to hear more. Good luck!

  • I was like that too when I first started the dex. Now, I can at least go 10-15 minutes without checking! 😉 j/k. I won’t look at it for an hour or two now unless something is going on (a high or bad low) that requires my attention for a while.

    Congrats on getting it! Enjoy!

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