Team Ninjabetic

After hinting about it for a while, a few things personally and financially fell into place making it a reality.

In a little less than a month (YIKES!), I will be flying to California to join Team Ninjabetic as we walk in support of George’s 20th year with diabetes.
More than just a walk, the weekend sounds like it is going to be a great party!
I know a bunch of people are still figuring out their details, but I am excited about the people on the team so far:
George and his family
JaimieH and her family
and I am pretty confident about LeeAnn and KellyK’s attendance too!
Oh, and last, but not least  – MY MOM!!!! 🙂
(if I missed you, let me know!)
I can’t wait to post more about the details as the event gets closer, including the possibility of a (girls only!) old-school sleepover at my mom’s place!

from my last walk in 2008
You can visit my individual page here or the team page here.


“Because it takes being a Ninja to live successfully with Diabetes.”


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