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I learned a few interesting tidbits while I was at the GMADE conference last weekend. And if you want to know how my week has gone since, notice that I am just writing about them now and writing about them in bullet points. While it was mostly clinicians (CDEs, nutritionists, dieticians, etc), there were also product reps in attendance (that will become important to the story in a minute).

    • I talked to my DexCom rep (hi Lori! – love her!) for a little while before my presentation. She asked me how I was doing with the system and if I was having any problems (at that point I wasn’t, my third sensor was a slow start but I think I forced it back on track.
    • Why do I have a DexCom CGM when I have a MiniMed pump and I could have the integrated CGM system with them? Basically, because I am not convinced I will be staying with MiniMed past my next warranty and I didn’t want to get stuck with a system I couldn’t use. 
    • There has been a significant amount of buzz about an OmniPod and DexCom integration and an Animas and DexCom integration. Lori seems to think that Animas and DexCom could have their integrated system on the market early next year. She did say that it would require a new transmitter, but we both guess that there will be some sort of upgrade program for current users.
    • As a proud Mac owner, I was curious about the accessibility of reports and data in the Animas/DexCom integration. Right now, the DexCom software only works on Windows based operating systems but Animas works on a Mac. Lori said that since the Animas works on a Mac, then the integration would have to be compatible as well (yay!).
    • Similarly, during my presentation I complained about the difficulty using Carelink (for MiniMed) on a Mac, and their rep piped up from the back of the room with “December”
    • I spoke a little more with the MiniMed rep in the lunch line. Toward the end of my presentation I had profiled some of the diabetes communities (Diabetes Daily, tudiabetes, estudiabetes, Children with Diabetes), and the rep chuckled as she told me that she knew about those communities already. They keep an eye on them to know what people are saying about their products (Lot 8 anyone?!). I think it’s a good reminder that these are public forums and to be careful about how much information you share. There is an interesting addition to this that you can read over on the Children with Diabetes forum that I found out about on Twitter last night from Ellen.
    • The Lifescan/OneTouch people were having trouble fitting everything in their boxes as they were packing up. I offered to take something off their hands. They gave me a OneTouch Mini and a Delica lancing device. I’ll let you know how the Delica is as soon as I can motivate myself to open the box and try it out.
Think that’s about it. Hope everyone is having a good week!


  • Sara, thanks for all the insight and info. As for the release dates; just a reminder to my fellow Canadians that we can add at least a year onto those dates before we see them here. Yes that goes for any software as well 🙁

    I’m glad I don’t use my name on here very ofen, I read the CWD message. Scary but cool in a stalkerish way. lol

  • I say to heck with pumps, needles etc.

    Its time that a cure for Type 1 was found.

    I mean countries spend billions of Dollars on Arms development, keeping government officials in their ivory towers etc and very little if any money is spent by government on medical research. The cost of a chronic condition to a countries economy in terms of medication,treatment, lost productivity etc amounts to an astronomical amount of money.

    Lets pressure government to do something proactive to find a cure.

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