Scenes from the Weekend

Life has been non-stop since I got back to Florida late Monday night. I have pictures and stories I want to share but no time to do them justice.

One thing I can share are a few more (if you haven’t watched “Not By Choice” yet, go watch it) videos from the weekend. Actually, they are all from the late night we were all together, recorded between midnight and 3 am.
We had all gathered at my mom’s condo to record Episode 51 of Chris’s Just Talking podcast. Go take a listen to that if you haven’t heard it yet. Be sure to catch my impressive rapping skills about halfway through. My blood sugar was low when we started, but I promise I was fine when I decided to start “singing”.
The first video is a brief clip of the “behind the scenes” action of the podcast.
At the end of the podcast, Chris tried to get us all to just share our website and Twitter addresses – but I am pretty sure we were too delirious to have made much sense at all.
Finally, Jaimie and Suzanne had stopped between the walk and dinner to get George a special treat. Watch and enjoy as George enjoys his first Bacon Cupcake Experience.

Happy Weekend everyone!

P.S. I am headed to a conference in Miami on Saturday to present on online communication tools to connect diabetics and to connect them to their health care providers. Wish me luck! I’ll be sure to share more about that next week as well.


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