Diabetes blog day: Why blog when you can vlog

Today marks the 6th annual Diabetes Blog Day. It is a day when the diabetes community blogs together to increase awareness about diabetes.

The theme this year is “six things you want people to know about diabetes”. I thought about blogging about the typical signs and symptoms of diabetes, or the common misconceptions about diabetes, or the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. But, none of that felt right to me.
So this is what you get instead.


  • At first, I was so very excited to see your vlog as it would’ve been my first one to see today. But then, I was sad.

    Because I’m at work, and don’t have my headphones allowing me to listen.

    So, I must leave and post-pone the vlog-viewing for later at home… Oh, the waiting. (Yes, Tom Petty, it IS the hardest part!)

  • # 4 is awesome. If we all agreed on everything to do with diabetes, then we could just have one really big blog post per day. We all live such different lives, but do have some things in common, but it is so great to see the other sides of people with diabetes and how they deal with situations. Reading blogs from you, and others help me figure out what is going on with my life as well. I also love your video editing skills.

  • This video was awesome, and I’m totally on board with having everyone share their real opinions, not just what they THINK they’re supposed to say. Excellent point, “daughter!” 😉

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