Headed to the endo – win a prize!

This morning is my regular endocrinologist appointment. I think the diabetes online community (subconsciously?) books our appointments together because there are a bunch of us with appointments this week and last (according to official Twitter reports: at least Scott, Cherise, and George).

This is my first appointment after getting my DexCom, and I printed some summary reports to show the doctor. 
I thought I’d use the information the Dex gives me to offer a little “guess my A1c” game. I will send a World Diabetes Day pin to the three people who guess the closest. Why three? Because I already gave the rest of my supply away! 
I don’t normally like to share this type of information because I hate it when we compare ourselves to each other (YDMV), but I would think it would be hard to guess without.
My last A1c was 6.4.
According to DexCom:
  • My average glucose for September 15 – October 15 was 121 with a standard deviation of 51
  • From October 15 – November 15 my average was 122 with a standard deviation of 52
  • I was between 80 and 150 mg/dL 55% in September and 53% in October

Have fun guessing! I will let you know Friday who won!

Also working on a post about how difficult it is to actually “get” your data from the DexCom!


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