It’s more than a video

In case you managed to miss the GIANT video at the top of this page, and instead decided to click through onto my blog, I want to tell you WHY you NEEDto watch the Big Blue Test video.

As you know, World Diabetes Day is November 14th. For every view this video gets between now and November 14th, Roche will make a donation up to $75,000 to Insulin for Life and Life for a Child. I know a lot of you have been suspicious about Roche and their involvement social media. To me, it looks like they are “putting their money where their mouth is” – if you know what I mean.
What does it mean to provide diabetes medication and supplies to children in the poorest countries? It means that the diabetes supplies for their local clinic will look like more than just

diabetes evidence
I took this picture in Haiti in March. The sign points to a single meter box and one vial of insulin in the lower left corner of the picture.

Please watch the video!


  • I’ve watched this video several times since it’s release. Showed it to my daughter this morning before school and when we went out to catcht the bus she was braging about helping a child get insulin 🙂

  • I’m moved to tears every time I watch this video. And, to know I’m making a difference to a child with diabetes every time I watch it, really makes me feel great! I will be sending it to all of my contacts, several times. 😉

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