Now that’s scary! A SAE post

Halloween has always been a tricky holiday for me. As you know, I have grown up going to church, and I think that a lot of Christians struggle with this holiday. My family was never really one of those families that did not celebrate it at all, but from what I can remember we tried to find some sort of odd balance.

For example, the year I remember most clearly – for the church’s harvest festival (a way for the kids to get candy without “celebrating” Halloween) my brother and I dressed up as Mordecai and Esther. Then we came home and changed into our hobo outfits (oversized sweatsuits stuffed with pillows?!) and went trick or treating in the neighborhood.
Tonight I had some friends over for dinner. Honestly, when I invited them, I did not even remember it was Halloween. I had to ask them if they still wanted to come over after I realized the date. They all came over, but there was not a single costume in our group.
Once I figured it out, I wanted to do something fun and Halloween-y for dessert so I made some cupcakes last night but saved the decorating for us to do together tonight. Don’t look too closely at some of the pictures – if you are wondering if it says what you think it says, yes it does.
I don’t really own any scary movies so I didn’t really have anything to play in the background. You can see all my movies on the shelves under my TV and someone suggested Steel Magnolias. Usually the movie makes me a little sad (obviously) but watching it with a group of friends who were on a sugar high put quite a different spin on it.
more cupcakes!
Because we were mostly focused on our cupcake creations, those that had not seen the movie before had some trouble following along. I had to explain what was happening pretty much the whole movie. My only little version of diabetes education in the middle of my party.
And as George pointed out, If Steel Magnolias is not it’s own version of a scary movie, I don’t know what is!



  • hahaha, love the Steel Magnolias horror movie comment. I personnally have a love hate relationship with the movie. I’m not personnally crazy about the way they portray the D. But at least they have some D message in there so I guess we need to take the good with the bad right.

  • Haha George! Love that scene! I’ve never noticed it before but when she has the hypo in the beauty parlor, her face gets crazy for quite a while before. They were all asking me what was happening.

    I hope I don’t look like that when I hypo. 🙂

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