Fringe Benefits

Last week I had a bunch of letters (with set of pictures making them heavier) and a few small packages that I needed to mail out. We have a mailroom at work, but they don’t accept cash. We have to put the money on our employee ID cards and pay that way. Around the expensive holiday season, I didn’t want to put any more money on my card than I had to, so I stopped by the mailroom to get an estimate first. 

The mailroom guy weighed one of the letters and told me about how much each one would be. He started looking for the calculator to multiply it by how many letters I had. I jokingly said I would figure out how much it would be before he could find the calculator. 
Wouldn’t you know that by the time he got the calculator and got the numbers punched in, I had an answer for him (that was correct within pennies)
I guess there has to be some sort of fringe benefit for being forced to do quick addition and multiplication (but certainly no subtraction or division!*) at every meal! Keeps those math skills fresh!
*Subtraction and division would imply that I skip food or eat smaller portions! 🙂


  • That is so true! Unfortunately, since I use the bolus calculator on the pump, my math skills have taken a hit. I don’t know what I’d do without the calculator.

  • When I try to explain to my family what it’s like now that I am a T1 (I’m coming up on my 1 year ann.). I always tell them “it’s a lot of math”….they tend to look confused after that comment and they think I’m just talking about guessing how many carbs I’m eating.

    It’s SO nice to know that there are others out there that really understand that it IS a lot of math! My husband (who’s great at math) and me (well…getting there) marvel at not only how I need to count down but I then need to count back up again. Example of math my pump doesn’t do for me: I am at a bs of 130 and I have 1.92 on board (because I didn’t eat enough, or what I ate didn’t bring me as high as I thought, or I was shoveling snow…etc….so that means I’ll be at an approx. bs of – 60 so I need to have at least 3+ carbs to get myself into a safe range (1 carb=15 grams will rise me 50 bs pts.) so 45grms will bring me to a bs of 90 or above.

    I know, as type 1’s, it’s not fun to even read that equation – unless we absolutely have to – but it’s SO encouraging to hear that others are constantly doing math along with me all day long!

    I’ve just started checking out this website but so far it’s been really energizing knowing I’m not walking this alone!!

    Thanks for the great Math post! Big smiles to each of you!!

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