Gold and Green

I work in education which means I get about two weeks off for Christmas each year. I take full advantage of that and try to head home as quickly as possible to have enough time to see all my family and friends.

Ninjas not included
As a result, I have to get my Christmas decorations up as early as possible or I’m just not here long enough to enjoy them. So last Friday, as I was still digesting turkey I got out the ornaments and lights. I am renting my apartment so I can’t do as much as I want, but I make it as festive as possible.
advent calendar
finished tree
While she hasn’t caused any problems yet, there is one other resident of this apartment who also seems to be really enjoying the decorations. I’ve got my eye on her.

Present under the treesuspicious

I have the outfits picked out and will be taking my annual Christmas picture shortly. If I don’t have your address and you would like a card, please send me an e-mail with your mailing address. You can just click on the “Contact Me” link over to the right (or use sara [at] diabetesdaily [dot] com). I ran out of time and unfortunately skipped last year, but here was the picture from two years ago. Don’t let their faces fool you, Bes and Rose love this tradition as much as I do.

(The title of this post comes from this song – which I think is beautiful even if you don’t like country as much as I do!)


  • lol awesome!!

    is george really santa? or is it scott. hmmmm those 2 really get around . i wonder….

    thanks for sharing sara, a good mood setter for dec.

  • How awsome! Love the ninja decorations and how appropriate that George was there to help. Love the Christmas photo of you and the cats. Hope that you have a wonderful Christmas season. My tree is not up nor are there any decorations yet. My daughter who spent yesterday in bed with the flu brought this to my attention this morning while she was eating breakfast. She told me I have to have them all up in time for her birthday which is Dec.23, will see; maybe this weekend after our community Childrens Party.

    Cara, we sang that at church on Sun to celebrate the first Sunday of Advent.

  • Love the decorations! The couple of times I’ve tried holiday decoration have had pathetic results – a combination, I think, of having not much stuff and less eye. I don’t know about your claim that your cats love the holiday photos – the gray-and-white in particular looks like she had other plans. 🙂

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