The no good, very bad day

Do you ever feel like when one thing goes wrong it just sets off a chain reaction of unrelated bad things as well? Well, that was my Saturday.

For privacy reasons (mine and the people I work with), I don’t like to talk much about what I do for a living, but let’s just say I work in education for the point of this story. I had to be somewhere for work on Saturday. I blame that for everything else that went wrong.
Since I had to meet with a group on Saturday, and who wants to do that, I baked some goodies for us to enjoy. I needed to stop at the grocery store for some last minute stuff on my way to the school.
I was already running late because I woke up late after having a VERY bad dream the night before. In the parking lot of the grocery store, there was this grown-up guido thinking he owned the place and trying to direct traffic but all he was doing was causing trouble and delays.
Then I finally get in the store and I see a lady carrying a ratty old towel around the store. I couldn’t figure out why until I saw the face of the puppy she was carrying underneath it. Yum, dog hair is just the perfect addition to any meal.
I pick up the things I need and head to the express lane because I have LESS THAN 10 items. Guess who is two places in front of me holding up the line with her cart full of items? The dog lady! Apparently rules just don’t apply to this woman.
I finally get to my car and I begin to head to campus. I am less than a mile from campus when I hear an odd, yet familiar noise coming from underneath my car. I pull over into the next driveway I see and get out of my car to check. My driver-side tire is completely flat. And not the nail-in-the-tread type of flat, it is the tire-wall-exploded kind of flat.
Let’s see – who to call first. I call one of the people who is waiting for me at campus to let her know I was going to be late. She asked me how long it would be because the group “has other stuff to do today”. Really? Because I sooo wanted to get a flat tire!
I thought I was on the family AAA account so I next got out my wallet to find my membership card. It wasn’t in there. So I do what any responsible adult would do next – I called my MOM. She gave me her membership number and I called AAA pretending to be her. I was going to figure out what to do about NOT being her once they got there. They estimated they would be there in the next 30 minutes so I texted the same person I had called earlier to update her. I guess she had been calling around while I was talking to AAA, because she had a friend on his way to come change my tire (side note: this friend was the ex-boyfriend of one of my friends – awkward).
Since I was less than a mile away from my campus, I had just barely hung up with AAA to cancel when the car with my helpers in it showed up. They started changing my tire and it was then that I noticed just how little tread was on the tire. And that the tire wall was really cracked. And now that you mention it, how all the tires kinda looked that bad. Then I started thinking about when the last time I got new tires. It was definitely before I moved to Florida – five years ago. And I can’t remember the last time I even had them rotated.
They got the spare on and started lowering my car, and it just kept lowering. Of course my spare was flat too, why wouldn’t it be?! It wasn’t completely flat so I was able to get the rest of the way to campus.
By then I was obviously later than I needed to be. There were about 25 people all waiting for me outside a locked classroom. While I was printing what I needed for our session, one of the students came up to me to let me know that she found out that a friend passed away the night before and she wasn’t sure that she could make it through the session. I told her to keep me posted about how she was doing. Then as I was walking towards the room, a student walked up to me to let me know that he hit something with his truck that morning and would need to take his car to the shop – I told him to join the club.
We finally got to begin the presentations and all was well for a little while. Then one of the students presented on how he didn’t realize the importance of friendships until his best friend passed away. The other student was understandably upset. Shortly after, another student left the room and came back quickly with his phone in hand. He had a panicked look on his face and said he needed to leave. He has a friend back home that had cancer so I was immediately worried that is what the call was about. It was. The doctors had given his friend less than two days. His friend passed away tonight, so if you could keep this student and his family as well as the other student who lost her friend in your thoughts and prayers that would be great. I can vent here about my problems (with hopefully a little humor), but honestly I know it is really nothing compared to what they are dealing with right now.
After the presentations were over I headed back to my car and the somewhat flat spare was a very flat spare. After a journey around the campus and a hardworker with a bike pump I got the spare filled enough to get to a tire place slowly with my hazards on.
Four new tires and about an hour later I was off to enjoy the rest of my Saturday (insert sarcasm here). The only good thing about the whole day was probably that my blood sugar actually stayed remarkably steady throughout even though I didn’t have time to eat anything. A DexCom east arrow all day long. Well, that was until a friend took me out to Pei Wei for dinner to cheer me up. The food and the company were great. The results… well, less than ideal.

No reason for the picture. The post just needed one and this one makes me laugh!


  • I’m so sorry to hear about your day from hell and can only hope your Sunday was MUCH better!

    Everyone has those days, and everyone is glad when their over!

    Kelly K

  • oh my!! i dont mean to laugh because some parts were sad but

    i would have went home.but you couldnt because of the flat!

    thanks for sharing.

  • I’m so sorry about your Saturday. I can commiserate with you. My son came in last night around 9 last night and said he had a flat tire. Luckily we have one of those tire pumps but his cigarette lighter wouldn’t work so he had to plug it in my car. Well after 30 minutes, no air was going in the tire. So he went out and bought some of those fix a flat cans. It is now 10 pm and about 12 degrees out. He tries to fill the tire with the air can and it explodes all over the place. So this morning he called AAA. Luckily I just paid the membership. In Ohio once you are 23 they kick you off the family policy and I have to pay separately for each child over 23 on my policy. Up North here you are lucky to get 2 years out of tires if you don’t drive over something, which usually happens. I have never got more than 20,000 miles out of my tires. I will keep your students friend in my prayers.

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