Winter skin

I think winter has finally arrived in South Florida. The forecast says that the temperatures will be in the 70s and even the 60s (gasp!) all week. As the temperature drops so does the level of humidity in the air.

Dry air = dry skin

dry skin
Anybody have any lotion?


  • I’ll swap places with you. Right now I’m looking out the window, it is snowing and about 20 degrees. Supposed to be this way all week. My skin has been so dry, too. I think it is because of the heat in the house. Even though we keep our thernostat at 60 it is still very drying. I put water bowls out for my cats everday and most of it evaporates. The same thing happens with our skin the moisture is zapped out. Drink lots of water and use lots of lotion.

  • That time is here, indeed. Gotta love what the seasonal weather means when you’re trying to do a blood test and can’t get any blood from the cold, dry hands – fun times. At least there’s warm water to run the hands under…

  • I’ll swap places with all of you! I live in North Western Canada and with our wind chills we are close to -30 already and it is still the beginning of winter. As for the dry skin, I think most of us already have dry skin to some extent because of our D so moisturize, moisturize and then moisturize!

  • OK, I know your cold and your skin is dry, but I don’t feel sorry for you as far as weather temps are concerned.

    It’s like 25 degrees here to day, my skin looks like the Crypt Keeper and I’m practically hacking up a lung!

    My advice to you re: your skin: Drink lots of water, moisturize liberally & often, and thank your lucky stars that your not in the Mid Atlantic states, the Mid West, Canada, or Alaska!!

    Love ya!

  • Aha! As usual, you’ve provided an answer to my unasked question.

    WHY was my skin suddenly red where the inset had been? I hadn’t had that problem.

    And then, even better, realized that yesterday was my one year pumpaversary.

    So now I have to go blog.

  • I am sending a buddy of mine some mittens. She is also in FL and is freezing her behind off.. I’ll be sure to pack some lotion, too LOL!

  • Here is a great recipe for lotion. Not mine but it has been around awhile.

    1 jar of petroleum jelly

    1 jar of vitamin E

    1 bottle of baby lotion (or similar)

    Mix with hand mixer and put in jars.

  • I had a foot wound that originally started as dry-cracked skin so I am extremely careful about dry skin. The wound center that I went to recommended something called Elta Swiss Creme Moisturizer – I haven’t had dry feet since I started using it. My pharmacy doesn’t carry it but they will order it for me. A one-pound container is about $25 but that lasts about 6 months for me. For the rest of my body, I use Aveeno. That really seems to help my skin.

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