8 years, a gift of bronze

Did you know that the traditional anniversary gift for eight years is bronze? Tonight shortly before midnight marks exactly 8 years since I was diagnosed, in the emergency room near my college, with diabetes.

8 years.
It seems like it’s been forever, but at the same time it feels like no time at all. When I think about it hard enough, I can remember my life before diabetes. The constant routine of (at first) shots, (then) reservoir refills, site changes, supply orders, multiple daily blood glucose tests, CGMS calibrations, and bolusing for every bite of food has robbed me of much of that memory though.


For a little over half the time that I have had diabetes I have also been a blogger. Not a diabetes blogger, just a blogger. My first post was apparently an update on my first few months living on my own 3,000 miles away from most of my family. Not a single mention of diabetes to be found.
I don’t know if it is because I am also approaching a big milestone birthday next week or not, but I am feeling sentimental for the “good ol’ days”. The days when (I at least believed) people blogged for fun and didn’t have thoughts of page views, ad clicks, sponsorships, disclosures, or getting invited to the next big event, and just wrote what was on their minds and hearts just because it made them feel better and because they knew they could count on the support of the rest of the diabetes online community. Perhaps it was never that way. Perhaps I was just na. Now it seems like we just jump from controversy to controversy as we retweet our posts to bring in comments throughout the day and ask people to “like” us and “follow” us on every form of social media.
Here’s the other part about honoring the 8 year anniversary of my diagnosis – a bit of quick math will let you know that I was never a child with diabetes. I didn’t fight my parents as they tried to test my blood sugar or change my infusion set. I didn’t stage a teenage rebellion. I managed my diabetes on my own from the first injection the nurse brought me on the first morning of my hospital stay.
I tweeted yesterday that I wished I could say in public some of the things I said in private messages. I was referring to something I said at the height of the tweetfest over the CWD thread. It was (and I quote) “ “boo hoo! I was never a child with diabetes! You guys don’t care about me!!” Helpful, no?”
Seriously, I could take that stance. Think about it, the fight was between the parents defending the “cure” for their children with diabetes and former children with diabetes who had grown up and wanted to convince the parents of the care, support, and technology they wish they had “then” and are fighting for “now”. Where does that leave someone like me?
I guess that depends on my perspective. Either we are a community that is in this together or we aren’t. Either it’s us against each other or it’s us against diabetes. It’s not about hit counts, ad revenue, sponsorships, or invitations to summits. We can’t keep fighting with each other like this.


More than bronze, THAT is what I want for my anniversary.


  • First off, Happy diaversary!!! 😀

    Second, I agree with you. There are a lot of T1’s that were dx’d later, even in college such as yourself (my husband’s pulmanologist is one as well), and I agree – what about you guys? Not a kid anymore when dx’d. The whole fight was terrible, and as I said in my post, it was something that shouldn’t happen. We’re a team – a community – and at the end of the day, we’re are because of one thing – diabetes. D is hard enough to deal with w/o worrying about little petty fights.

  • Happy Diaversary Sara!

    As a mom of a daughter newly diagnosised with T1, YOU encourage me that my child has a chance of surviving and thriving- of living a fulfulled life, of being independent, of reaching out and helping others in her same circumstances. Thank you!

  • Happy Diaversary my friend. I want it all to be about helping one another and sharing. Forget all that other stuff. none of it mattered before, and it shouldn’t now.

    I LOVE the DOC.

  • I am so very glad that you do blog, that you are involved in the diabetes community. You and I are so different in some ways, yet so much alike in others, and because we get along in those “alike” ways, it makes those differences evaporate – something that doesn’t happen that often in today’s world.

    Thank YOU.

  • I am also having my 8 year d-versary as others have called it. I was diagnosed with T1 when I was 25 years old. My sister when she was 27 (i think). My doctor was surprised that it wasn’t found sooner. Best of luck for the next many, many years.

  • Happy 8 year anniversary Sara! I’m so glad to have you as a friend and family in the DOC. I appreciate you and all that you bring.

    I too want everything to be all about helping one another and sharing, exactly like George said. We can do our best to play our roles and influence that atmosphere wherever we go.

  • Every time I get to read your posts they resonate with me….thank you for that sincerely! I was diagnosed 1 year ago (just had my ‘diaversary’ and I’m 36. Your posts, your pictures, your truthfulness, has been really encouraging to me. Scott (previously posted above mine) has also been so helpful to me and other adults with T1. Both of your blogs and comments lift my spirits! I wish I could get to know you in person. Happy Anniversary!

  • AMAZING post, Sara(aah). Happy anniversary, and thanks for saying a lot of what’s been in my head lately.

    But you know that. Because I am constantly telling you all the crap that’s in my head and holy run on sentence OMG #Bes!

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