Haiti trip update

Last year it seemed that the days leading up to my trip to Haiti crawled by. There was so much back-and-forth about whether or not we would even be able to go that each day seemed to drag on. This year, the time has flown by and I can’t believe that I am leaving in just about a month.

My to do list of preparations this year is thankfully much shorter than last year, now that I know a little more what to expect. I have a few immunizations that I need to get “boosted”. There are some diabetes supplies (Frio cases, glucose tablets, granola bars) that I need to be sure to stockpile. As a team we are also continuing to work on ways to fundraise for the trip.
We are planning for a garage sale in a few weeks and one thing I have learned about garage sales, is that the shoppers are CRAZY! I hope to have some good stories from that adventure.
We are still selling silicone bracelets (like the Livestrong bracelet). One of my friend’s set up an etsy store to make sales to friends and family across the country a little bit easier. We don’t have too many left, but if you want to buy a bracelet (or two), you can order them at this link.

There is another unique way that you can contribute to the trip. Since everyone retires in Florida (where I live), there is a ridiculous amount of golf courses down here. The organization I am traveling with has partnered with an upcoming golf tournament allowing us another opportunity to raise support. I’m not sure how this math works for the Honda Classic, but they have a program called Birdies for Children. Basically, for every donation, the sponsoring organization gets an extra 10% added to the donation. If someone donates $20 to my trip, the Honda Classic will give me $22. AND, for every $20 donation, the person who donates is entered to win a car.  If you are interested in learning more about this, you can click here (if you are donating, please write “Sara – Haiti” in the Solicited By box so that it gets to me and so that I can properly thank you).
I’ve received a few questions about what it is like to travel to a third-world or “non-tourist” destination with diabetes. If anyone has an specific questions about my experiences, I will be happy to help. Just let me know what you’d like to know!
hands of prayer

On a completely separate note – Tomorrow is a big day for me – it’s the 8 year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. I’m not sure exactly yet how I’m going to celebrate but I’m pretty confident that there will be cupcakes involved!


  • Your blog is such a blessing to me! I just got back from Haiti 2 days ago. I stayed at Mission of Hope and saw all the kids you mentioned in your posts. My team and I are all having a difficult time re-adjusting, but reading your blog has brought so much comfort!

    I would love to support you and your trip, please let me know where I can send a check!

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