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I’ve decided that I am going to post the day-by-day summaries of my trip to Haiti on my long neglected personal blog. I want to keep the story of Haiti and the story of my diabetes as separate as possible. There are a couple more overlaps I need to share here (like how Bob Pedersen was responsible for feeding a family for at least a week)while I work on the summaries, so like it or not you aren’t done hearing about my trip yet.

I am going to show you some graphs from my DexCom from the week I was there (please reserve all temptation to judge). I set the low alert a little higher (80) because I figured I needed more notice of impending lows and the high alert a little higher too (260 – because there was a lot of carb-loading and the alerts were driving me nuts!).

Are they perfect graphs? Hahaha! Were the numbers even always as accurate as I would like? Of course not! (remember – it’s for tracking and trending!) I will tell you I realized the importance of water. When I got close to being dehydrated, my numbers would become less accurate. Totally unscientific/uneducated reasoning? Less available interstitial fluid to read.
But that’s not the point. The point is that I had this tool. Last year, I did not and I know that in the span of about 2 1/2 hours I went from 329 to 37. I didn’t know I was climbing until it was too late and I didn’t know how fast I was falling.
To know that I could safely climb a wooden ladder to the roof of a building and help my team move hundreds of concrete cinder blocks so that another floor could be added to the building was an oddly great feeling. One of the most personally frustrating times (obviously in the scope of the situation very small) for me last year was just sitting there while everyone else was hard at work because my body just would not cooperate. Like I said before, I am stubborn and I WILL NOT let diabetes stop me from what I need to do. It is such a blessing to have the tools to help me accomplish my goals.

P.S. For the record – any product references in this post or my packing list are entirely by choice. I have not been paid, sponsored, or coerced by any of the companies I referenced. Aquapac used to have a link on their site to an old post I wrote but I’ve been replaced by the testimonial of a child – typical! 😉
pile of bricks


assembly line

P.P.S. Notice the empty roof in the first picture and the progress made by just a few days later.


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