Portion control

The topic of the #dsma chat this week was about carbs, which was a little ironic for me because I had just finished making cake pops with a friend. The dishes were actually still in the sink when I started to tweet.

There are roughly a billion recipes for cake pops on the internet so I wont bore you with the details. Instead you can just enjoy the pictures. The cake pops are pretty easy to make; my only advice would be to wait for the “cake balls” to be completely chilled or you will have trouble getting them to stay on the lollipop stick.
cake pop mosaic

1. turning cake balls into cake pops, 2. candy melts for dipping, 3. chilling in fridge, 4. peanut butter cake pop, 5. with sprinkles, 6. blue cake pop with pearls, 7. cake pop dipping, 8. trying to cover evenly, 9. she loves pictures, 10. posing while waiting for the candy to set, 11. cake pop inside, 12. getting fancy, 13. more fancy, 14. finished product, 15. cake pops! 

P.S. I believe this counts as a D-Feast Friday post because of course it is healthier to eat a cake pop than an entire piece of cake, right? It’s all about portion control!

P.P.S. I didn’t notice until I set the timestamp for this post that today is April Fool’s Day. I guess I should have posted a CURE joke instead. Oops!


  • I tried again today with red velvet cake and different types of sprinkles. The key seems to be that if the cake pops get warm at all, they fall off the pop as you try to dip them.

    The new ones aren’t as colorful because lots of colors clash with red 🙂

  • I’ve been thinking about trying to make cake pop for forever!!!! Thanks for the tip about making sure they are, and stay, well chilled. Did you like the red velvet ones – that’s what I was going to start with. 🙂

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