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I was “Just Talking” to Chris during his time on DSMA Live last week. We were sharing about relying on our CGM devices, sometimes to our own undoing (like when we forget our meters at home).

He mentioned that by the last few days of his sensor life, the adhesive is hardly hanging on. I used to have that problem too. Every few days I would apply a new batch of medical tape to all sides of the adhesive. It was a sticky mess!
Not only that, but I am very sensitive to tape products. I would end up with itchy red burn-like spots if I wore the tape too long.
I can’t remember where, but I read online about a different solution. The product is called Opsite Flexifix and I purchase it on Amazon. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I am just telling you what works for me. Your diabetes may vary.
Here are the supplies you will need (plus a pen, forgot that in the first picture)

supplies you will need

I used an old infusion set box only because the cardstock-like nature of the box provides durability to the template. The first thing you will do is trim off the top of the box.

trim the top of the box to make the template

Lay an old sensor on top of the paper and cut it to make more of a square shape.

make a second cut to a square shape

Fold the old adhesive under the plastic. Only the gray transmitter cannot be covered using the DexCom system.

fold over adhesive under plastic

Trace the shape of the plastic onto the paper.

trace around the plasticplastic traced on template

Cut the plastic shape out of the template.

cut out the traced shape

Lay the roll of Flexifix over the template.

lay the flexifix on the template

Cut the Flexifix to the desired size.

cut the flexifix to size

Lay the Flexifix under the template and trace the hole of the template onto the Flexifix.

lay flexifix under templatetrace center of template on flexifix

Cut out the center of the Flexifix.

cut out center of flexifix

The paper backing of the Flexifix splits down the middle. Peel off one side of the backing and lay it on the skin over the newly applied DexCom sensor adhesive.

peel one side of flexifix backing

Peel off the other side of the backing and press is firmly against the skin.

other backing peeled off

Peel off the top layer covering over the Flexifix adhesive from the center.

other backing peeled off

The covering is complete. Enjoy the extended sensor life!

flexifix covering

When I use this method, the sensor dies long before the adhesive does. As I mentioned before, my skin is very sensitive. I don’t use IV Prep or other similar products because they give me hives. I have not had any reaction to FlexiFix at this point, and I have been using it for several months.


covering complete

The only problem I’ve had is the interesting tan lines it is starting to create as the weather is getting warmer!


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