Sarcasm required – apply within

I partially blame myself. When I put this DexComsensor on my upper arm, I incorrectly estimated the length of the sleeves on my spring wardrobe. With apologies to those of you with snow on the ground, temperatures have been hovering the 80s for the past few weeks.

I was headed to a birthday party Sunday night and running late because I had spent too much time at the beach (I know, my life is horrible!). I was happy with my outfit until I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I walked out the door.
Depending on how much I tugged at my sleeve, the bottom of the adhesive and at least part of the sensor was visible. It was too late to change and, like I said, I liked my outfit so I decided to just go with it.
The birthday party was for somewhat of a new friend so I only knew about half the people in the room. I was sitting in a stool towards the back of the room about halfway through the party when I saw a stranger approaching me. She walked up to me, not actually looking me in the eye with her index finger leading the way.
“What’s that?” she said as she poked at the sensor on my arm. That was definitely a first for me! Never before have I had a complete stranger touch any of my diabetes devices. Ask? Sure. Touch? No. She did not make it any easier in the fact that she was a very close talker.
I was so shocked by her action that I didn’t really know what to do. I stammered out some sort of explanation of what a continuous glucose monitoring device actually is and quickly turned to Twitter to express my shock.
I quickly received some helpful replies from Simon, Tina, Kerri, and Crystal.
twitter replies


With summer approaching and beach time increasing, I don’t think this is the last time I’ll need something to say.
What witty retort can I hit the unsuspecting stranger with next time? What’s your best comeback?
P.S. This was my view at the beach on Sunday.


Ginger’s book is a really entertaining and educational read. I’m only about halfway through it (and hope to write about it when I’m done) but I already can tell you that if you don’t have a copy you need to get one today!


  • I still can’t believe that woman did that!!!

    Maybe next time just poke the stranger back, smile then walk away?

    SO jealous of your beach pictures; especially right now, it’s snowing. :-/

  • Oh, sarcasm is my middle name (you can blame my dad):

    a few lines off the top of my head:

    ‘I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.”

    ‘OMG! Get it off! Get it off!” (helps to freak out a little too)

    ‘That’s how I charge my bionic arm’

    ‘not sure what it is. It’s been there since I was abducted by aliens.’

    ‘Department of Justice is now using these gps implants instead of ankle monitors.’

    ‘you mean you don’t have one yet? All the kids are getting them!’

    ‘it’s a radiation sensor, you can’t be too careful anymore’

  • Oh Sara, you’ve got too many good ones to choose from. I dont’ think I can even add anything at this point. I get how your situation was odd and threw you for a loop, some people are so unaware and insensitive. I hope that it didn’t ruin the rest of the party for you.

  • It being touched on the arm really so bad? Why didn’t you say “It’s my diabetes monitor” watch out it MAY BE CATCHING!

  • @BinkyJ45 I need to contact you next time I want some great retorts!

    While she just touched your arm, it’s still obnoxious behavior. I think the solution to close talkers may be to emphasize your breathing on words like H-ATE, works especially well if you’ve just eaten something with garlic. Wish I had something more constructive to offer.

  • I tell people I’m a robot, and its my batery pack the walk away stiffly=)

    ps I’m really only rude in my mind=D

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