You are a pizza restaurant and I am too!

AKA She’s so nice, I posted it twice.
As most of you have probably already read here in this post by Brittney, Ginger Vieira recently published a book called “Your Diabetes Science Experiment”. She is very generous and sent me a copy to review.
Over the recent long weekend, I was FINALLY able to finish it. It isn’t a long book (don’t be scared). I am just a very slow reader and wanted to give it the attention it deserved.
Ginger probably THE best vlogger in the diabetes community. Instead of writing a typical review or posting the transcript of an interview, I asked Ginger if she would be willing to do something a little different for me. With her help, I was able to create more of a “vlog-ish” book review.
Since you’ve already read a review here, I decided to post my review on my other blog. As a preview, here are the questions that Ginger answers for me –
  1. Who should read your book?
  2. How in the world is my body like a pizza delivery restaurant?
  3. High and low blood sugar results. Good? Bad? Just information?
  4. What does “Learn first. Act second” mean?
  5. What is the most important characteristic for someone living with diabetes?
  6. Eating before exercise – self-defeating or self-sustaining?
  7. Why is circuit training a good workout for someone with diabetes?
  8. WiiFit. Workout or glorified video game?
  9. What should a person with an insulin pump do while they are working out? Disconnect? Temp basal? None of the above?
  10. How do I stop my bad diabetes habits?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, or more about Ginger and her advocacy, please visit my other blog and see what Ginger has to share.

** Sadly, this is the only picture I have of Ginger! I like to think she was probably offering some great health or exercise advice while I was snapping!**
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