A Good Lead

The prompt for today was to write about the “awesome things” we have done BECAUSE of diabetes. This is different than the awesome things I have DESPITE diabetes -and I’ve had plenty of those.

By far, the most awesome thing I have been able to do because of my diabetes was having the opportunity to speak in front of the 4th Annual Diabetes Education Seminar of the Greater Miami Area Diabetes Educators last October. They wanted to know more about the online resources and web-based communication tools for people with diabetes. That is a topic I certainly know plenty about!

My presentation was divided into three parts:

  1. communication between the health care professional and the person with diabetes
  2. communication tools for the person with diabetes
  3. communication tools to connect the person with diabetes to the larger diabetes community
I covered the major diabetes apps, some of the doctor-patient specific communication tools (such as myChart used by my endo), and some product specific tools.
It was not until mid-way through my presentation that I found out that there were product representatives in the room as well. Their presence made for an interesting discussion when I brought up some of the common complaints regarding device compatibility (types the girl on her MacBook).
Cherise had been extremely helpful and had allowed me to use a Wednesday session of DSMA to get some perspectives from across the diabetes community. It is one thing to share my opinion with a group of educators, it is quite another to be able to speak on behalf of all of us. The voices of parents of children with diabetes, people who have grown up with diabetes, people who are newly diagnosed, Type 1 diabetic, Type 2 diabetics, and everything in between were all represented.
The whole seminar had a CSI theme, which should explain the “crime scene vibe” of my presentation.
Being a diabetes advocate is such an honor for me and obviously something I would not have had the opportunity to do without diabetes.


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