Meter Accuracy

I think we have all seen a complaint or two about meter accuracy. Some of us (*cough Bennet *cough) even have signs to express our displeasure with the current standards.

my version


Usually my meter matches up “close enough” to my CGM that I feel pretty confident about the results. One morning a few days ago told a different story.

I was driving to work and checking my blood sugar for my breakfast bolus. I usually take that opportunity to give my CGM a value for calibration as well, so I clicked on the DexCom to check my graph there. I don’t remember the exact number it was showing, but I know I had an arrow headed east (meaning the number is relatively stable) and a result in the 140s-150s.

I think that’s why I was so surprised when I tested and saw a 77 on my meter.

Testing and driving is always a challenge, but now I had to test again to break the tie between the DexCom and the UltraLink.

Two minutes later and my blood glucose is now 100 points different?

 Now what do I trust? The DexCom, the first meter result, or the second meter result?

At the next red light, I tested a third time.



Three test strips down. $3 wasted. Three times the aggravation.

I’m siding with Bennet on this one.

the edited original


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