You know summer is coming when…

You are removing units of basal insulin as quickly as you are removing layers of clothing at the beach.

I spent some time this weekend evaluating and reducing my basal insulin as I found myself running lower than I would like – especially at night and in the early morning. I was conservative but consistent in my adjustment. Here’s what yesterday looked like:

  • 1:30 am – 91 (seems like a good number to go to bed at)
  • 6:38 am – 37 (Yikes! Have you ever tried to do math when you’re low? Settled on a juice box and two cookies. 35 carbs w/ no insulin)

woke up low

  • 9:21 am – 178 (Honestly, lower than I expected for all the carbs)
  • 11:41 am – 43 (After correction and 44 carb breakfast, dosed w/ normal rates)

low after breakfast

  • 1:45 pm – 36 (After half recommended insulin for 33 carbs. Ate 66 carb lunch)

low at lunch

  • 3:47 pm – 63 (You have got to be kidding me at this point! Ate an addition 43 carbs w/ half dose)
  • 6:18 pm – 133 (Finally! Ate 55 carb dinner)
  • 8:21 pm – 65 (Really?! I had just gotten home and wanted a quick workout. Juice box and cake pop. I’ve eaten so much food today, I am tired of eating!)
  • 8:41 pm – 91 (And now I can work out)
  • 9:31 pm – 43 (Tricked ya!)

low all day!

“Life is NOT a Beach”



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