dsummit and Best of Betes

Thanks to a handy no-interest Best Buy credit card, I am drafting this post from 30,000 feet on my iPad as I head to San Diego. I suppose I could publish it too, if I was willing to pay $9.95 for less than 4 hours of internet.

I am headed to the Roche Social Media Summit for the second year in a row. This is the third year that Roche has invited members of the diabetes community to this event and I am very thankful for the years I have been invited to attend. If you would like to follow along with our conversation, the hashtag we will be using on Twitter is #dsummit.
Last year there were some interesting/controversial talks with a few diabetes related organizations so it may be worth following along to see if anything like that occurs this year as well.
Also, if you didn’t see the news on my personal blog, Ninjabetic George and I have started a new project that we are very excited about. It is called Best of the ‘Betes Blogs.


Each month, members of the diabetes community will nominate blog posts that they feel best represent 14 different categories. The hope is that we can bring more attention to the best posts among us and maybe help people find some great bloggers that they have never read before.
The nomination process is open right now for June posts so please CLICK HERE to find out more details about how to nominate your favorite posts.
Stay tuned for more news from San Diego soon, if I don’t pass out from time zone change exhaustion first.


  • Sara, this is very cool – and ambitious! As the community grows, it’s increasingly important to put the spotlight on new and interesting writing. Awesome idea.

  • Thank you for this great idea. It is critical for everyone who has diabetes or has a loved one who is affected to be part of the conversation. There is so much fear and misinformation out there that it is easy to become confused. Well done and keep up the good work!

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