Best of the ‘Betes Blogs – 1st edition

When George and I first started planning this project, we were not sure if it would be successful. It is obviously not a project we can tackle alone – it requires the help of the entire diabetes community.

Thanks to the nominations of members throughout the community, we are proud to bring you the Best of the June ‘Betes Blogs.

Best Use of Humor

Jacquie “Bad Pancreas” says “I Can Explain”.

Best Vlog

Camp Sioux knows that “You Can Do This”.

Best Recipe

Nikki from “Diabetes and Celiac Sunshine” brings us a great recipe for a Quinoa Confetti Salad.

Best Use of Photography

With an “extreme cuteness alert” from the nominator Penny from “A Sweet Grace” shares life with D in pictures.

Best Advocacy

The best advocacy is of course found in Kim “Texting My Pancreas” You Can Do This project.

Best Reference to a D-Celebrity

Blunt Lancet makes an appear on “Not My Cell Phone” when Quinn submits lyrics.

Best Story of a D Meet-up

In a late addition, “Type 1 Advocate Gramma” shares about how she was able to recently meet some of her heros.

Best non-D Related Post

“Jeff Mather’s Dispatches” recent post doesn’t have anything to do with diabetes but it does have something to do with him being an amazing triathlete – on Wednesdays at 6 AM.

Best Post by a Type 1

Elizabeth from “Type 1 at 30” tells a familiar story of glucose tabs and tightropes.

Best Post by a Type 2

Bob Pedersen asks for a few points for his healthy steps on T Minus Two.

Best Post by a Type Awesome

With proof that diabetes affects everyone in the family, Type Awesome Pam at “Wicked Sweet” describes the fallout of diabetes on a Type Awesome Little Sister.

Best Motivational Post

Melissa E from “In the Short Rows” shares her motivation with a set of lousy lessons.


If you are one of the Best ‘Betes Blogs for this month and would like to add a badge to your blog, you can find the information for the badge below.

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Thank you everyone who participated in the June edition of Best of the ‘Betes Blogs. A big shout to everyone who nominated posts and received excellent nominations on their behalf.


Author note: As I drafted this post I noticed this is the 400th post on Moments of Wonderful! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate!!


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