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On Sunday I got back from one of the most refreshing and exhausting weeks of my life. I have attended Children with Diabetes: Friends for Life before (twice) but there was something different this year. Something wonderful!
felt like a blog shout out
There is plenty to say about everything I learned in the sessions – how amazing it is to have all the top experts in research/mental health issues/technology/and anything else you can think of all in one place.

This year was so incredible because of this –

diabetes and dumbo
Part of the Cure
amazing roommatesCIMG2183
friends (with pumps and diet coke)!Shay and me :)ignore my pool hairlove them!#dgnowmy mom and Inew friends saying goodbye :(

Most of the time, this whole diabetes thing kinda sucks. But the people, they are incredible and truly (new) friends for life.

Edited to add friends: Martin, Kim, Jess, Karen, Jacquie, Josh (newly Type Boring), Brian, George, Scott, Heather, Lee Ann, Scott, Shay, Bennet, Courtney, and Kerri! Whew!


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