To the left… water aerobics

As mentioned in a previous post, the adults tried to squeeze EVERY moment of fun out of Friends for Life. This included the night we stayed up until 3 am chatting.

The next morning it was pretty difficult to wake up. Thankfully, it was the “family day” at the resort, so when our room didn’t stir until 11 am, we hadn’t missed much.

After everyone got “suited-up” we headed over to the pool. My Aquapac came in handy once again, and I answered a bunch of questions about it. I was admittedly eyeing the waterproof Animas pumps with a bit of jealousy.

Kim and JessCourtney and Kim

The pool was filled with people with diabetes and the people who love them. It was a totally normal thing to see a little kid swim by with a pump site on his arm and sensor site on his back.

The adults didn’t do much actual swimming, but it was nice to cool off a little from the central Florida heat and humidity. I rode down the waterslide behind Joe Solo at one point, but I don’t think that guy is actually a day over twelve in his heart.

new friend Shay
new friends Jacquie and Bob
new friend Courtney (squeee)
Jess and Josh
Shay and me :)
ignore my pool hair

About a month ago, my beloved Flip camera broke. Since they aren’t making them anymore I had to find a new option. Kodak makes a waterproof camera about the same size as the Flip, which is how I was able to capture the pictures in this post – as well as this video footage.


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