Insulin pump hackers do not care about me!

And “they” don’t care about YOU either.

In my last post I mentioned that I don’t typically get fired up about every issue related to diabetes. My ice cream supply was threatened, and so I took action.

Well, I would like to revise my previous statement. There are TWO things that I will fight for if they are being threatened – ice cream AND my insulin pump.

In case you have been living under a rock (or you are one of the few people reading who are not in the diabetes community) the past few days, there was story that caught the eye of the press who love nothing more than to scare their readers and listeners. Evidently, some Type 1 techie hacked into his insulin pump and sensor to basically prove it is possible.

Sure, it’s possible – So is me winning a million dollar jackpot (which I would of course spend on a jet for even better diabetes meet-ups). Are either going to happen any time soon? Not anywhere close to likely.

I am not an expert hacker or anything, but I think they usually go for the biggest “bang” for their buck. This “hack” would have to be done on a person by person basis and within a relatively close distance.

Although an attacker would need to be within a couple hundred feet of the patient to pull this off, a stranger wandering a hospital or sitting behind a target on an airplane would be close enough.

I guess we should all keep an eye out for suspicious people wandering the local hospital and be careful if we recline our seat on our next flights.

The diabetes community is not the next target for hackers.

You know what this “story” is going to do instead? I have lost track of the number of products that I have heard about that are stuck in the FDA abyss waiting for approval. This is just another stupid hoop that the medical device manufacturers are going to have to jump through before the products we NEED and DESERVE can come to market in the US.

And that’s all I have to say about this topic.

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