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I am a big fan of diabetes technology and anything that will make my life easier, so I like to keep a close eye on new and upcoming products. I posted recently on the MiniMed app, I downloaded the DexCom app after seeing it on Kerri’s blog, and this weekend I downloaded the EndoGoddess app.

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If you are not on Twitter or a listener of DSMA Live, EndoGoddess may be a new name for you. Dr. Jen Dyer, MD, MPH has been around the diabetes online community for a while. In her words, she is a “stylish pediatric endocrinologist, tech entrepreneur, former Texan who loves NYC and fashion, foodie who believes in the power of balanced nutrition to prevent disease.” She probably has one of the best avatars I have ever seen. Click on the Twitter link to check it out!

After exploring the power of social media in a study involving using text messages with her patients, Dr. Dyer took a leave from her practice to develop a mobile app for diabetes. It is here!

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The app contains some similar concepts to other diabetes apps – you can record your glucose levels and insulin doses and keep track of your various types of insulin (esp for those on MDI).

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Some new features I don’t remember seeing before in other apps are the ability to record medical appointments and set blood glucose testing reminders.

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There is also a place to learn more about diabetes and everything it involves (types, nutrition, devices, etc) which will probably be most helpful for the newly diagnosed.

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The “Get Involved” link at the bottom contains more information about various associations, camps, and (most importantly) social media.

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Incorporating social media is what I believe has the potential to set this app apart from it’s competitors. Notice on the front page that there is the ability to earn “points” by using the app. The technology is not quite integrated into the app yet, but we will eventually have the ability to cash the points in for songs in iTunes.

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There is really no shortage of diabetes apps on the market. So far, they all do pretty much the same thing. With few exceptions, they record our information, but just like our diabetes devices, they do not provide a usable way to benefit from the records. I do not have a desire for another step in my diabetes management.

From the diabetes online community’s interactions with Dr. Dyer in the past, I am excited to see the next steps in the development of her app. I think she gets “it” and gets “us”, so I believe that this app will continue to set itself apart from the others on the market. If you listen to the DSMA Live show linked above, you will be encouraged as well.

If you want to stay updated on the most recent developments with the EndoGoddess app and other EndoGoddess adventures, you can follow along on herĀ blogĀ .

Disclosure: The EndoGoddess app costs $.99 in the App Store. It is currently available as an iPhone app but the resolution was just fine on my iPad. I paid to download the app on my own. I was not asked to review the content. As always, all opinions contained in this post are my own.


  • I was very disappointed with the EndoGoddess app. It only allows you to enter 4 BG readings per day, and if I have a hypo then I could realistically do 4 tests within the space of a couple of hours. Even on a normal day (i.e. a day sans hypos), I generally test 5 or 6 times. Certain components of the app, such as the ability to send yourself reminders and to earn points for entering readings, are really excellent and innovative, but unfortunately the fact that you can only enter 4 readings per day in my opinion renders this app completely unsuitable for most Type 1 diabetics.

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