The first time

If you look at the sidebar to the right of this post, you will notice that I have met quite a few blogging friends.

I travel about once a year for work, and there is usually at least one new friend close enough to meet. For example, last summer a conference in Missouri brought me close enough to see Sarah Jane. I have attended several conferences for diabetes, and that has helped me meet a few new friends too.

Tonight will be a first for me. Usually my travels for work or diabetes advocacy lead me to meetings with friends. The meetings are a side benefit of some other responsibility. Tonight I will be getting on a plane for no other purpose than to meet my friends in Kansas City.

I’ve packed a few outfits (what the heck is fall?!) my camera, video camera, various iDevices, chargers, insulin, and all my other diabetes accessories.

I can’t wait for all the unforgettable moments to come!


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