War wounds

Today I saw one of the first signs of fall. I live in South Florida so it wasn’t the leaves fronds on the palm trees changing colors, it was the offer of free flu shots at work.

I am still dealing with the issue I mentioned in my last post, so it took me a minute to decide if I wanted both arms a little sore or if I should keep everything on one side. I had them give me the shot in my “bad” arm – at least my issues are all together.

After work I headed back over to urgent care for them to check on the procedure from Sunday. I love taking pictures (and threatened to send some of the procedure to my boss) but I will spare the details of my visits here.

At my last visit, the doctor had inserted what looked to be a tapeworm into the hole he cut open and left a little tail dangling out. I didn’t know what was going on until a nurse friend explained it to me later. Apparently, they can’t just let the hole close back on it’s own because it will heal from the outside in, and refill with fluid. The paper lets the wound drain and heal properly.

Today the nurse practitioner looked at the wound and decided it had not healed enough yet. She decided to repack it instead. This time though – no anesthesia!! I was nice and numb the last time, and it made quite a difference. I asked her why she wasn’t going to numb it and she said “because I will be quick.” Last time I checked, speed doesn’t really have anything to do with pain level! Don’t tell me you will be quick when you are using sharp scissors to repeatedly poke me to put something under my skin.

I have to keep this drain in for 2-3 days and then if it has not fallen out, I can remove it myself. Or maybe I will have someone at #Simonpalooza take it out for me! 😉

I managed to snap one quick picture in the room when I was changing out of my gown. This is the stuff that is in my arm. Inside the bottle is a roll of paper that the doctor cuts off to the length he wants. I have never seen anything like it before and hope I never see it again!

this is in my arm!!!


  • If you need something to pull the packing out. I have a little friend I can send in your direction. He’s reddish blue and walks on six(???) legs. He’ll get a nice grip on it and pull.

    • ummm… no thanks.

      In fact, the packing came out this morning while I was trying to cut the tail a bit shorter. I am going to keep an eye on it because I am NOT paying another $30 for them to look at it.

  • Hey Sara— just found your blog, thanks to accu-chek heroes! That packing and stuff reminded me of when my girls were born and post C-section had my amazing husband packing and repacking my wound. Ugh, hope you are on the mend soon and I look forward to reading more of your blog!

  • I had to use that stuff when my foot was infected. My sister had the honors of putting it in mine Luckily she is a nurse so that didn’t bother her. Hopefully that closes up for you without any problems!

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