You Make A Difference

There are so many pictures and so many stories from this weekend; it is hard to know even where to begin. I am sitting on my flight home trying to process everything, and trying not to beg the pilot to turn the plane around.

I think the best way to honor the memories of this weekend is to focus on the power of our community. There is no secret handshake, long application, or membership dues and it is probably a group none of us wanted to join in the first place.

Despite that, our community has grown into something amazing. The nature of my occupation is very transient so it is difficult for me to maintain support and friendship for too long. It won’t hurt when people leave, if you don’t get close to them in the first place.

Then I turn my computer on. You know how I feel. You listen to me. You understand. You care about me. You accept me just the way I am. You support me.

You make a difference to me.

And you make a difference to Simon. He may be speaking to Cherise, but it is a message for all of us.

There are tears. You have been warned.


  • Thank you Sara for capturing a slice of the powerful positive emotions from this weekend.

    Isn’t it incredible to think that Simon feels that he has been the recipient of so much support, when we would ALL argue that WE have been the ones changed by his visit?

    That is one of the most important messages of the DOC. We all win. We all benefit.

  • Thanks Sara for this. It’s one thing to read Simon’s story and read how important the DOC has become to him, indeed to all of us.

    But it is entirely another thing to hear him tell his story, to heart in his voice how his life was changed

  • I’m not watching the video again right now because I have to go to work!

    Thanks, Sara, for capturing so many of the memories from this weekend. I will never forget the amazing experience. This community is a FAMILY. I learned that at Simonpalooza. A great post, my friend.

    I miss you!

  • So true. Everyone who shares their life with diabetes has the ability to touch others and connect. Every voice is important and whatever you do can make a difference.

    Great clip. Simon is awesome.

  • This is so very wonderful and awesome that it was captured for everyone to see. I am sending people over to this to watch. This is the DOC. Everyone belongs, no matter where they live. Everyone benefits.
    Thank you!

  • This was amazing to watch, and more so to be a part of. We all appreciate the DOC, but for some of us, it’s a life saver when you’re out at sea. I think back to my life before the DOC and before finding friends in my community with D, and I think — how did I do it? Thank you Sara. It’s an honor to now call you a friend, and you are truly full of moments of wonderful! And to Simon, thank you for coming here to visit. I know it was a huge undertaking for you, but I am a more complete person having heard your story and getting to wrap my arms around your neck. Thank you!

  • This community is so amazing! Simon said it perfectly. There are so many amazing people in our world that make living life just a little easier. I can’t wait to meet Simon this weekend in NYC!!!

  • Should have known better than to just ‘watch it for a second’ – now I have to wait for my mascara to dry b/4 I go to target! What you ALL do for ALL of you is amazing – it’s really turned so many lives around for the better. Don’t stop! I didn’t even get to meet Simon, the impact of his words will remain w/me for a long, long time.

  • I have watched this video a few times. I’m still trying to process it all. I shed a tear everytime I watch it. I’m speechless. The tears keep falling. The diabetes community is my blessing and inspiration.

    Simon was talking to us all.

    Be Blessed
    “The cry baby”

  • Thank you all for sharing Simon’s amazing visit with those of us that couldn’t make it. Simon’s words could have been my own. With a much less sexy accent, of course. ALL of you make a difference in my life EVERY SINGLE DAY. And that includes you too Simon.

    Thank you! And I love you guys. Also, I think we need to buy stock in Kleenex. For real. 🙂

  • Sara,
    It’s hard to believe that almost two months have passed since that amazing day…
    While it was certainly an “Oprah” moment of my visit, I am so indebted to both yourself and the DOC in general for being the cause of so many “Moments of Wonderful” as I have tried to rebuild a life torn apart with Diabetes related complications.
    While I was not aware of you filming at the time, I feel the tears roll down my cheeks each time I see the faces gathered in that room. Each and every one of you are more than just online aquaintances. You are my nearest and dearest friends. At different times and in a myriad of ways each of you have walked beside me and helped make sense of the madness by just being who you are and doing what you do.
    I have an (often overbearing) ability to gush and be overly open to the point of awkward but how can words, or a video, ever express what you and the many folk I met both in KC and NYC mean to me. I am privileged to have come into the compay of such open and accomodating folk.
    Moments will always be just that. A brief snapshot of time soon passed, but as I reflect on my experiences in the US, I see beyond those few hours and days. I see life long friends, I see handwritten letters, I see tears and I see laughter…..
    You guys have ridden with me through the darkest period of my life and I owe all of you an enormous debt of gratitude.
    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making the trip out to KC and being part of the reason I can get up to face another day!

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