A birthday celebration

I bought a new sweater, some hair extensions, and some new blue jewelry to celebrate the birthday of someone I have never met. I am extremely thankful to honor Dr. Banting, because without his discovery of insulin I wouldn’t be alive today.

Ignoring the fact that it looks slightly like a kidnapping ransom shot (I hate posing so I needed something in my hands), I had someone take a picture of me in my new outfit and you can get a glimpse of the blue extensions.

The original plan for the evening was to go out to dinner with my fellow cover girls, some newly acquired JDRF adult crew friends, and Chris from Life of a Diabetic. Well, it was a good thing we started out planning for a large group, because by the time we got to the restaurant it was just the girls and I. We walked past a clock that seemed to suggest it was “time” for World Diabetes Day.

We had the cutest, and VERY pregnant waitress at Cheesecake Factory. One of the girls has celiac so we had a lot of questions and special requests. Cheesecake Factory is not very accommodating but she honestly tried to do the best she could.

She apologized for the difficulty, and I told her she could make it up to us with a special request. I explained to her that we all had diabetes and what we were celebrating. She mentioned that her mom and many of the people in her extended family have diabetes and how thankful she was for recently passing her glucose tolerance test.

She is part of the large Haitian community in South Florida and we shared how hard it is to break some of the stereotypes and biases to make sure her family and friends get the best treatment possible. Restaurant Advocacy for the win!

When she brought our dessert out, the waitress told us that she had called her mom to tell her it was World Diabetes Day. She happily took our group picture and brought us a special message on one of the cheesecakes.

All in all, it was a fun World Diabetes Day.

A little bit of advocacy, mixed with a little bit of celebration, mixed with a little bit of fun.

What did you do to celebrate and honor the day?


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