Can I be healthy during the holidays?

I think this week is official start to the holiday season. I know that beginning with Thanksgiving and ending with a New Year’s celebration it is a constant rotation of large meals, work parties, and endless buffets.
I know I have struggled to manage my diabetes effectively throughout the holiday season (and that doesn’t even count the year I forgot to bring the insulin to my brother’s house). Meals typically aren’t served on schedule so it can be hard to pre-bolus for food. Mashed potatoes, stuffing, yams with marshmallows, candy canes, and cookies for Santa don’t really lend themselves to the low carb diet.

I have my insulin pump and my CGM that enables me to somewhat track and trend what my blood sugar is doing, but I know that I will still be chasing some out of range numbers more than usual the next two months.

I would love some help from the diabetes community on how to manage this season.

What do you guys to do keep your diabetes on track during the holiday season?


  • As a husband who has a wife with type 1 diabetes, my job is to be on hand to help. That means ready to get juice, patient if she’s high or low, and especially sensitive to supporting her goals. When the holidays involve my side of the family, I’ll also call ahead and make sure that there will be low-carb options available. This is less important for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but much more so for the Jewish holidays which are insanely carb-heavy. (There’s nothing we can do about the latka party!)

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