Product Review: Professional Traveler?

One nice benefit of Diabetes Awareness month is the opportunity to hear about and even review the newest products on the diabetes market. Today and tomorrow, I wanted to share two of the newest items in my collection.

The first item I received at Friends for Life this summer. Professional Case Inc. is a family owned and operated business since 1974 and the product line includes an insulated travel case for diabetes supplies.

diabetes supply case

I live so close to my work that I don’t really carry too many supplies with me on a daily basis and I just toss those in my purse. After a few trips in the late summer and this fall, I have had the opportunity to use the travel case enough to discover the pros and cons.

Things I Like:
It is a very well constructed case (Professional Case Inc is known for their doctor supply bags so this makes sense) and it reminds me of the Bible cases I used to carry when I was young.

There is an insulated pocket on each side for ice packs, so even on all-day airport adventures, all my supplies stayed cool.

There are plenty of pockets of different shapes and sizes to contain all the different items I pack for longer trips.

1st set of pockets2nd set of pockets

When I fly, I tend to go “old-school” and carry a backpack, so it’s great to have a flexible case I can stuff in the big pocket of my pack but still easily access the items I need.

case closed

Things I Don’t Like:
I didn’t really notice any cons of the travel case until I used it for my first long trip. First I loaded in the tape for my infusion sets and my DexCom. I grabbed a few cleansing wipes because my family was headed to spend the day at Niagara Falls and I knew I’d be testing and eating on the run. A spare package of glucose tabs made sense of a day of hiking and stair climbing.
tapes and wipes

In the other set of pockets I include a ketone meter and strips, and my bottle of insulin.

ketone meter and insulin

I think this is a conservative amount of supplies, and not really even everything I carry on a multiple day trip – one that will require a site or pump reservoir change. But this is what it looks like when I tried to close the zipper on the case –

too full

Overall Review:
I do tend to overpack and just throw everything I think I may use into my bag, so this case does provide a place for me to organize and store part of my travel collection.

The structure of the case provides needed protection in my larger bag as I toss it on the x-ray belt in security and shove it under the seat in front of me on the plane. But that same size and structure makes it impractical to toss into my every day purse.

I’m headed out of town for Thanksgiving. Did I mention I am spending the holiday with another member of the diabetes community (no, not Simon!)? My diabetes travel case from Professional Case Inc will definitely be in my luggage.

If you want a travel case of your own, you can visit their site to order or receive more information.


Disclosure: The diabetes travel case was provided to me by Professional Case Inc for my review. I appreciate every opportunity to experience the newest diabetes products and technology on the market. All opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.

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  • That’s me! That’s me! I’m the other member! Woo Hoo! I can’t wait. Oh, and the Diet Pepsi has been bought. You will survive. (Are you bringing this bag with you?)

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