A1c Now – Trying out the home test

*disclaimer – there is an A1c result at the end of this post. There WAS an A1c result at the end of this post. Then I decided it was about trying out the test not the results, so I edited it out.*

First, the directions. The kit comes with an instructional DVD, but I didn’t watch it.

the directions

I opened this package first, but used my MultiClix lancet instead of this dagger.
lancet, blood collector and shaker
shaker, lancet, collector

It requires a bigger than average blood drop to fill the collector, but can use more than one drop to fill it if you need it.
sample in collector

Once I had the sample, I inserted it into the shaker, and well… shook it for 5 seconds. Then I set it aside and prepared the cartridge.
sample in the shakershaker set aside

I opened the cartridge packaging and inserted the cartridge into the monitor.

Once I saw this, it was ready.
ready for the sample

Note: you have to add the sample within two minutes or the test will not work. I learned that lesson the hard way when I tried to use the second test.

I waited five minutes and I had my (accuracy debated) result.

the results - edit


See also YDMV.


  • I’ve had mixed experiences with the home test. One time I took one the same day I had one done at my endo and got the same exact result. For that reason I loved it and thought it was the best thing ever! Another time I took one the same day and got a much higher result than at my endo – over 1% higher. So now I don’t love it quite as much 😉

  • I’ve had mixed experiences too. I tried it once and it gave me a result of 7.7. About 5 days later I had a blood draw for my upcoming endo appt and the result was 7.1. To me that’s a huge difference in a short period of time so I don’t trust it and won’t use it again. Not worth the $$

  • I used this once . . . . I only got to take one test because I messed up my first try. My second try worked, and my results were .4 higher than my lab A1C. It was in the ballpark, but not really close enough considering how expensive the home kit is (in my opinion). BUT if I was curious to know what range I was in without getting labs done, I guess I would use it again.

  • I should add that my endo in June didn’t want to see me for 6 months. That would have given me a December appointment. When she switched practices (see previous post) my appointment got canceled. I can’t see anyone until February, and was just curious where I was in the meantime.

    I don’t think it will ever be as accurate as lab results. My endo’s office uses a 5 minute test which I am wondering now if it is just a fancy version of this. I think I will ask for a real lab draw each time instead.

  • I’ve debated back and forth a number of times on whether to get the home A1c, but Sara you’ve inspired me to go for it. I’m curious about the accuracy differences, but mostly just want to try it out. This may be a Christmas gift to myself or something… thanks for sharing the testing experience!

  • I’ve also been curious about using this, since my next trip for an official A1C is yet to be determined. I haven’t had any labs drawn since June! (I’m bad….also in atypical circumstances) Then again, since I use(d) a Medtronic pump and CGM, I can use Carelink to estimate my results. Maybe not as accurate as a lab draw, but maybe as accurate as an at-home test?

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