I sense a theme here

When I get to my mom’s house for Christmas next week, the first thing I will do is check her collection of photo cards to see how everyone looks this year.

I am excited that Christmas cards from around the diabetes online community have started to arrive in my mailbox. So far, I haven’t seen any photo cards. What? You guys don’t torture dress up your pets like I do? But there does seem to be another theme going on.

First, I received this awesomeness from Karen. My knitting skills include making scarves because I can knit and purl but I can’t add or remove stitches (and I don’t know how to correct mistakes either). But Karen, she MADE A CUPCAKE!!!

Continuing the theme, I also received an awesome present from Jaimie. Jaimie has a long history of awesomeness. One year, she gave George, Cherise, and I awesome Humalog ornaments when we were all in California for the holidays. My tree is full of Radko-type glass ornaments so my new cupcake fits perfectly.

Thank you friends!

Feeling the love from the online community is a great way to celebrate the holiday season!


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