Moments of a Wonderful 2011

What an amazing year! My blog title was made for posts like this – an opportunity to look back at everything the last year has represented. My posts on this blog began in April, so this is a combo of my favorite posts from here and my blog at Diabetes Daily.

January 2011

“I’m going back”

On the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I shared about my plans to return for a second trip.

February 2011

“8 years – a gift of bronze”

February marks both the anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis and my birthday. I am still dealing with a lot of the same feelings I had when I wrote the post. “I am feeling sentimental for the “good ol’ days”. The days when (I at least believed) people blogged for fun and didn’t have thoughts of page views, ad clicks, sponsorships, disclosures, or getting invited to the next big event, and just wrote what was on their minds and hearts just because it made them feel better and because they knew they could count on the support of the rest of the diabetes online community. Perhaps it was never that way. Perhaps I was just naive. Now it seems like we just jump from controversy to controversy as we retweet our posts to bring in comments throughout the day and ask people to “like” us and “follow” us on every form of social media…. Either we are a community that is in this together or we aren’t. Either it’s us against each other or it’s us against diabetes. It’s not about hit counts, ad revenue, sponsorships, or invitations to summits. We can’t keep fighting with each other like this.”

March 2011

Dyabet an ayiti (diabetes in Haiti), Ralanti chanje (slow change), Lespwa and the DOC mean hope.

A few posts about my week in Haiti. If you only click on one, choose the last one to find out about how beloved DOC member Sir Bob fed a family for a week.

April 2011

“Push ups, pumping, persistence, and pizza – a vlog”

Health Coach Extraordinaire Ginger participates in a vlog “interview” about her book.

May 2011

“The cupcake cure”

Did you know that cupcakes may actually cure diabetes?

June 2011

“Introducing… Best of the ‘Betes Blogs”

George and I began profiling the Best of the ‘Betes Blogs this month. It has been fun to bring attention to great posts by new (and old) bloggers and I look forward to finding new ways to do it in 2012.

July 2011

“By any other name”

FFL11. New BFF.

August 2011

“Insulin pump hackers do not care about me”

Four months later and no one has hacked me yet. Guess I’m safe.

September 2011

“Moments with my mom”

An interview with my favorite Type Awesome.

October 2011

“293.” “You Make a Difference.” “Wordless Wednesday – DOC.” “Moments of Simonpalooza.”

In a word, Simonpalooza.

November 2011

“What community?”

After I was called an “idiot” for providing some accurate information on a Facebook post more interested in flaming a target, I wrote this to express my feelings about the diabetes community.

December 2011

“A Christmas tradition”

Christmas vacation – shopping for presents, spending time with family, reflecting on the true meaning of the holiday, and of course – enjoying dinner with my favorite diabetes online community friends.

A great 2011! See you next year!


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