How I spent my Christmas vacation

Today is my first day back at work, so I figured it would be a perfect day to share what I did during my break. Isn’t that what kids typically do on the first day back at school?

On the day before Christmas eve, my mom and I packed up her car and headed to my brother’s house. This was the year that we were going to cut back on our gift giving. From the view into the back seat, I think it worked out pretty well. We thought that by leaving the day before Christmas Eve, we would be able to miss a lot of the traffic. We were wrong, and very thankful when we finally arrived.


On Christmas Eve, we added an evening service together as a family. I think the boys especially enjoyed the candle-lit portions.

After that we went home and enjoyed a spectacular prime rib dinner. It was my only major diabetes mis-step of the break. A few too many pieces of homemade bread and an unexpected glass of wine made for a very angry graph and a delayed portion of creme brûlée.
Christmas Eve dinner
After the kids went to bed, we set out the final preparations under the tree. I may have raged bolused during dinner, so I “played Santa” and ate the treats we left out. Apparently I didn’t eat enough because the youngest told me the next morning that Santa left too many crumbs and that he ate the leftovers.



In typical kid fashion the presents were open very quickly. A few gifts of note. After carrying around a fake cell phone for years, my niece finally got a real phone of her very own. She had been told that she would not get one until her 13th birthday – in 2 1/2 years – so the gift was quite a surprise.
tears of joy
My brother knows how much I love my cats, so he got me a gift to help me take care of them. They get lonely when I’m not around so it will be nice to give them a little extra attention (hint: click on the picture).
my present was...

We spent the next few days enjoying all of our new gifts and the great weather.

If you are ever in Vegas, this destination is a must see!

A remote controlled plane and a 70 degree day (it was snowing the same time last year) led to a picnic in the park.
day at the parkday at the parkday at the park

Both my niece and nephew got new cameras so there were quite few image captured of the afternoon.

One of my favorite activities with one of my favorite little people was eating some boogers, ear wax, blisters, and stomach fluid. The ear wax was my favorite – tasted just like a tootsie roll.

All too soon it was time to take me to the airport. Thankfully a few little monsters made sure that I made it there safely.
little monsters

I took a overnight flight back to Florida and picked up one last Christmas present the next day. My brother bought my sister an iPhone for Christmas and loved it so much that he ended up getting one for himself a few days later. I have been wanting one since Siri came out, and through a holiday upgrade exception was FINALLY able to make it happen. I am so excited to use it, and have even jumped back into the diabetes365 project (join us on facebook).

best present!


P.S. I wrote a new post on Diabetes Daily about my issues with holiday food hoarding and was happy to find out I’m not the only one. Are you a holiday food hoarder too?


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