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I wish I could describe this weekend in a way that would make sense to anyone else. It was basically a gigantic competition at my work. And by gigantic I mean there were battles in Jenga, Chinese Checkers, soccer, football, Catch Phrase, ultimate frisbee, table tennis, a dance off, and just about any other game you can imagine.

I represented my team in Scrabble and brought home the victory – probably from all my Words with Friends practice. I also was supposed to play wiffle ball, but they ended up having enough players so was the very important first base coach instead. I took my job very seriously and led us to an undefeated record.

The culmination of the weekend is a lip sync competition. The amount of time, effort, and attention that go into these songs is just amazing and so are the results. I have a “blink and you’ll miss me” role in this video but am proud to say that this was the winning performance.

And I can almost guarantee you that you will never think of Switchfoot the same way again.

P.S. See also – the effects of adrenaline on glucose levels.
pure adrenaline.


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