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The D-Mom recently posted about her experience dining out at Cracker Barrel and the difficultly she had retrieving nutritional information. It reminded me of a story of something that happened to me at my favorite fast food restaurant shortly after I started using my insulin pump. I actually couldn’t remember if I had blogged about it or not yet, but a search of my archives didn’t turn up anything so here we go!

A bit of a backstory first – When I was released from the hospital a family from my church that had/has a child with diabetes stopped by the house to answer any questions and set our minds somewhat at ease about our new life.

It was a little over a week until my birthday so one of the first questions was whether or not I could still have birthday cake (I could!).

Another important question was whether or not I could have fast food. The mom asked what I typically ordered. When I told her that I ordered the chicken nuggets, she said that was one of the best options because of the balance of protein and carbs. I took that as my go-ahead to continue to enjoy some Burger King.

My first insulin dosing was NPH and Humalog and because of the peaks of NPH I could generally eat most moderate meals without much thought to carb counting. When I started on the pump, I had to get more serious about knowing exactly how much insulin to take.

I was driving home from work (or grad school – you’ll have to forgive me, it was 2004) and stopped at the drive thru of my local Burger King. I ordered the chicken nugget combo for the first time since I had my pump. When I got to the window, I asked for the nutritional information. The employee walked away for a minute and came back to the window with something in his hand. Before I could see what he was holding he said,

I couldn’t find the nutritional information for you, but I did find this…


At first I was shocked. In what alternate universe is a CROWN comparable to nutritional information. I remember stammering out something about how I needed to know the information because I needed to know how much medication to take.

I think the medication word scared him because he told me that the nutritional information was posted on the wall in the restaurant and that I could come in and look at it. I did end up coming inside and looking at the nutritional information that time. It would be years before I could look up the information on my cell phone. And now I have the carb count of a least one meal memorized at just about every fast food chain for when I am on the go.


A little extra information on nutritional information:


  • And a federal law passed in 2010 as part of the health care legislation requiring “restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets to disclose calorie counts on their food items and supply information on how many calories a healthy person should eat in a day.” (source). The article is a great read and the regulations sound like good news. But don’t look for your favorite restaurant to have their nutritional information posted tomorrow, “the effective date could conceivably be years away.


  • I am very glad that the laws have pushed nutritional information to be more available than it used to be. I doubt it wasn’t so much with insulin users in mind, but it sure does help a lot! When I first started pumping I used to carry around the Calorie King book with me everywhere 😉

    • I used to as well. This particular incident took place a few years before I knew about Calorie King. Ninjabetic George is actually the one that showed me that book during our first meet-up in 2006.

  • Great post Sara, maybe the Burger King guy thought you could eat the crown and thus it being their only “carb free” snack! ;o)
    Thankfully, when I got my pump they gave me that Calorie King book too, it was really helpful, especially at first. It’s funny I wonder how many of us would like to have nutritional information for burgers with only half the bun?…since that’s how I tend to eat them now! ha!
    Until I was diagnosed I never realized how many foods I ate with having no idea what the nutritional information was on them, don’t get me wrong, I still do a lot of guessing but the average (non-D) person just doesn’t think as hard when they eat. It’s fascinating!
    Thanks again for your blog!

  • My favorites are the places that tell you the info is on their website, as you’re sitting in the restaurant. I’m still a proud owner of a “dumb” phone so that doesn’t do me a whole lot of good.

  • a crown?? ahahaha. sometimes when i ask for nutritional info, the waiter will refer me to the “lighter options” portion of the menu. one time i asked for the carb info and then ordered a cheeseburger, to which the waiter responded, “you want that with no bun, right?”. i’m just glad to live in the time of smart phones and nutritional info apps. it’s rare that i can’t find what i’m looking for between that and an internet search from my phone.

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