Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday. I had a great day and it was fun to see all the notifications rolling in.

The “party” started this weekend as some friends and I drove across the state for some chocolate and shopping. As someone said to me today when I described my plans – “road trips are fun no matter how old you are.”

I found out yesterday that two fabulous members of the diabetes community were in the area so I figured there is no better way to celebrate my birthday than dinner with friends. Ginger and I go wayyy back but this was the first time meeting Mike. He is just as funny (and nice) and he seems online (no lie! *blog title pun*). I’m excited to add another asterisk to the blogroll on the right (the asterisk means I’ve met the person IRL – love a good meet-up!)

We may have gotten lost 300 times but we managed to have a ton of fun in the meantime. Thanks for making my birthday feel special guys!

Also, I feel like the gifts I received at work today are trying to tell me something, I just can’t figure out what.

Now that was yesterday, today is… Tuesday.

But seriously, a few weeks ago I was asked to write an opinion column for a student newspaper about being single on Valentine’s Day. I guess they feel like I’ve had a lot of practice. I opened the paper this morning to see if they printed what I wrote. When I turned to the page a friend commented, “hey, isn’t that one of your pictures from Haiti?” The pose looked very familiar.

Let’s just say the artist was inspired by the original picture when she drew her cartoon. As funny (and slightly inappropriate) as the comparison is, the edited version actually fits well with a joke I made in the article and I think it’s pretty funny (everyone was apparently worried I’d be mad). Here’s what I wrote in case you are single today too.

The day before Valentine’s Day is my birthday. The day after Valentine’s Day is February 15. By telling you that, I’m not trying to be the next Rebecca Black. My point is that Valentine’s Day is a day just like any other.

While most of you were trading cartoon-themed Valentine’s cards in elementary school, I was in my freshman year of college at a Christian university in southern California not unlike [current school name]. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I “grew up,” and I certainly had no idea that I would still be spending my days on a college campus over 10 years later. I was sure that I had the same expectations as most girls at Christian colleges: I expected that I would meet someone special – a guy that loves Jesus just slightly more than he loves me. We would get engaged during our senior year and get married shortly after graduation. Ring by Spring, right?

Well, that obviously didn’t happen for me. If you consider the math, it isn’t going to happen for a lot of college students because there are not enough guys for every girl to get a ring. I graduated college, was a bridesmaid in a ton of weddings, finished graduate school, and moved across the country with my two cats. Insert crazy cat lady joke here.

If you are single this Valentine’s Day, consider the fact that most of your friends are single too. Have fun with it. Go get dinner together, rent a cheesy romantic comedy, go bowling, wander around [nearby shopping location], or do nothing at all. After all, it is just a day like any other.

More importantly, take some time to figure out who you are. Know what you like and don’t like. Know what God is calling you to do with your life. Figure out your mission and your purpose. Trust that if God has given you hopes and desires for your life, He will fulfill those desires as you follow him.

Don’t let an overly commercialized holiday mess with your emotions. If you want to spend the day focusing on love, focus on the friends and family in your life who you love and who love you in return.

P.S. If you are in a relationship this Valentine’s Day and you feel like posting a status about how “blessed” you are by God because of your amazing boyfriend, consider the fact that your single friends may also feel blessed by where they are in their lives too.

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  • Is that a hog? A single hog being towed behind a truck? OK, then you are never allowed to make fun of Alabama again. Now that that’s out of the way… I love this post! God’s plans are so much bigger than anything we could ever dream. His love is sufficient, and I love that He’s using you in this season of life to reach out to others. I heart you big time. 🙂 (And War Eagle.)

  • Happy belated birthday! I am single too and I know that I am blessed by God to be where I am today. When the time is right, then I will have someone in my life to celebrate every day with, not just once a year.

  • Happy Belated Bday! Mine was on the 13th as well 🙂
    LOVE your article! My original plan in high school was to go to college in CA…Biola or Asuza Pacific.

    I stayed in Chicago and went to Trinity International University and loved it. I had to laugh when you talked about Ring by Spring. Only at a Christian school is that part of the everyday language…right?!

    I too was a bridesmaid in a MILLION weddings after graduating while everyone was getting married. I eventually started dating and married someone I went to collge with…and we were added to the “85% of TIU students marry another TIU student” statistic that they tell you at freshman orientation. Sheesh!

    Anyways, LOVE your blog and am encouraged everytime I read it.


  • Happy belated birthday! I’m glad to hear you had such a great celebration and got to hang out with Ginger and Mike!

    I love your column on Valentine’s Day (and the accompanying image!).

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