Twelve Angry Diabetics

I have to call in tonight after 5 pm to confirm, but it is a good possibility that I will have jury duty tomorrow.

Before I was diagnosed I had jury duty once in California, but it was the call-in type and I never had to appear.

Last year, I was called in and spent the morning in the waiting room watching The Terminal (what I still believe is an inappropriate choice when you are trapped in a room). I was dismissed without ever making it into a courtroom right after the lunch break.

As one of my coworkers joked today, my opinions about just about everything are so strong it is unlikely that I would ever be chosen for a jury.

I’m curious though, how have other members of the diabetes community navigated their civic duty and their diabetes management?


  • wow, timely post for me! I have jury duty on monday and have been wondering the same thing. I am visibly pregnant, so I’m hoping that will help me to NOT be selected? I’m also going to ask my Dr. to write a note that details the importance of my schedule of managing this diabetic pregnancy – testing every hour, eating a small snack every 2 hours or so, frequent beeping and noises from my pump, multiple doctors appointments every week, etc.

    I’m hoping I’ll be more trouble than they think they can handle – what with me constantly eating and beeping and testing and treating in the jury box. 🙂

  • I’m still on call for jury duty, but haven’t been called in, yet. I was so worried at the beginning, though. My blood sugars were still low and I either couldn’t concentrate or stay awake. I might have also been a wee-bit b*+chy. Now, though, I feel so much better. If I’m called in, I’ll just have to explain that I test my bg frequently and may have to eat while I’m there or in a trial. I won’t sacrifice my health for jury duty. If I wore a pump or cgm I inform them that sounds will occasionally come from them… if they have an issue with that, well, it isn’t my problem.

  • I’ve had jury duty THREE times. And I’ve been ON A JURY all three times. Go figure the odds on that one. I thought I’d get out of it when I brought up diabetes and the food, testing, etc. but no such luck. Last time I had it (two years ago), I had Dixie with me. She did quite well crammed in the jury box. The judge was smitten with her.

    Just state the facts to the judge if you make it to jury deliberation. You have D. You’ll need to test/have access to your supplies all the time. You might need to eat. You might need a break if you’re out of range, to make sure you can absorb all the details of the trial. I had a bag packed with easy to slam snacks and juice in bottles that didn’t require straw plastic opening management.

    Good luck! 🙂

  • when i had jury duty, i went to talk to the judge about my diabetes, and that i might have to leave, etc. he had type 1 too! it was awesome! we bonded and stuff. i was a little bummed when they didn’t pick me. only a little though… 😉

  • I had jury duty a year or so ago, and mentioned it to the judge. I just said I may have some moments where I have to eat or may not be able to pay too much attention. They picked me anyway!

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